November 8, 2016

DATES:  31 October – 6 November 2016

It was another beautiful week to fish Lake Fork, TX.  The water continues to clear up and the water temperatures stayed in the mid 70’s.  The Bass appetites did change this week.  We started catching the on California 420 Zoom Ole Monster worms and Strike King 1.5 square bill crankbaits in the Gizzard Shad pattern.  The Wacky worm bite did slowdown in the pads but we managed to catch a few in the Hydrilla.  We did notice our better worm bite with the Ole Monster worm was in 6 to 8 foot around isolated timber.  Our Worm set up this week was an Eagle Claw LO45 worm hook and a South Bend 3/16 ounce bullet weight painted to match the California 420 color Ole Monster worm.  Do not forget to dip the Ole Monster worm tail in chartreus Dip It or use a Zoom chartreuse pen.  Our equipment list was as always Duckett rods, ABU Garcia Orra SX reels and original Stren 17 lb. test line.

The White Bass fishing is still slow and they are they still spread out all over the lake.  Your best bet to catch the White Bass is to head for the back of creeks and use small in-line spinner baits or small Strike King Crankbait.

The Crappie fishing remains good in 11 to 18 foot of water over brush piles.  We are still using Mylar with an orange tail 1/16 ounce jigs and when the fishing gets slow tip it with a small minnow.

The Catfish fishing was a little slow this week.  They were being caught in 17 to 18 foot of water around baited trees.  Punch bait was still the bait of choice.

When you come to Lake Fork this fall do not forget to stop into Lake Fork Marina and check out the newly remolded tackle shop.  They have the latest in tackle, rods and reels.  If you are looking for a Christmas gift for your better half, make sure you check out the clothing in upstairs of the new tackle shop.

Yes, it is fall and fishing is getting better every day.  Here at J & M Guide Service we have some open days for guided trips for Bass, White Bass and Crappie.  Give us a call at (903) 413-6919 or E-mail us at  Have a great fishing week.

Terri Moon November Crappie Report

November 8, 2016

It’s here – my very favorite time of year to fish! The couple of cool snaps we had in October was perfect to start these crappie into their fall transition. It definitely put them in a feeding mode, and are really starting to fatten up. This past week we’ve caught some of the nicest crappie I’ve seen in a long time! I’ll be very honest with you – there is NO “Magic Spot” right now. We are moving around a lot and getting a few here and a few there. Then the bass will move in and seems to run the crappie off. So, we just move on to the next spot.

We’re also having some big bream move in to the brush piles and around the bridges. We are targeting 12 to 24 ft. of water – but, throughout the day they can be as shallow as 8 ft. or as deep as 22 ft. so really watch that depth finder to monitor any changes in depths of the fish and adjust your casts accordingly…(depth is very critical)! It won’t be long and they will be migrating up the creeks following the baitfish.

This time of year a good depth finder is priceless. I just put a Lowrance HDS12 Gen 3 on the front of my boat and it is awesome! That large screen is sure appreciated by these “old eyes”! Something else I’m sure appreciating is not having to jerk my trolling motor up and down 20 times a day – then to have the anchor button – “PRICELESS!” MinnKota has got it going on! I’m amazing people every day when they see this Ulterra in action. It has definitely made my life easier and the older I get the more I like easier! Now as far as the baits we’re using – Lake Fork Tackle’s “Live Baby Shad” w/paddle tail in just about anything with pink in it – like pink/pearl, pink/ chartreuse and on darker days pink/black have been producing for us. Also it doesn’t hurt to tip it with a Berkley Power Nibble. Really watch your line – these crappie have been pushing the bait up. If you see slack line, it’s probably a fish! It’s really been a fun month of fishing and my thanks to all of you!

Don’t forget this is “Customer Appreciation” month at Lake Fork Marina. The rooms are $50 and 25% off all tackle, gifts and apparel. It’s a great time to start your Christmas shopping for the fishermen in your life. My best to you all and “Happy Birthday” to my brother John and glad you’re feeling better Pops! Love to all!!

Terri Moon ph# 903-383-7773

Andrew Grills Lake Fork Report 11- 2-16

November 8, 2016

We are starting to see the bass here on Lake Fork get into their normal fall patterns in spite of the unseasonably warm weather we have been having. We had one of the warmest Septembers on record, and October was the warmest on record for the Dallas area. Our water temperature is in the low to mid 70’s, almost 10 degrees warmer than it normally is in November. Hopefully we will get some cold weather soon, because the colder it gets, the bigger our average size gets.

Still, we are having some good days and a few big fish too. I’m sure there are plenty of shallow fish to be caught, however I love fishing deep, offshore structure. I feel like the deeper water gives my customers a better opportunity at a trophy bass. I’m depending on my Lowrance HDS units to find schools of fish on points, humps, roadbeds and ledges on the main lake. When I do find them, a Carolina rig, football jig, and spoon have been my top producers.

Below are some nice bass we’ve caught over the past week. November can be a great big fish month. I have been on the water nearly everyday over the past month, but I still have a few good dates open for November. If you are looking for a Lake Fork guide, I hope you’ll give me the opportunity to help you have a good fishing experience here.

Lake Fork Guide Andrew Grills


November 3, 2016



DATES:  24 – 30 October 2016

What a beautiful week to fish Lake Fork.  With the weather in the 80’s all week, the water temperatures stayed in the mid to upper 70’s.  The water clarity is great and the Bass are biting.  During this week a lot of really good fish were being caught along with a ton of really small ones.  The wacky riged Zoom chartreuse/pumpkin trick worm still was the best producing bait this week.  It even produced some really good fish such as my nice 9.2 pound Bass I caught on Tuesday morning.  If you are fishing south of the 515 bridge you might want to change to the California 420 color on your trick worm.  One pattern that really worked well was a orginal chatter bait with a Smash Tech swim bait used as a trailer.  We took the skirt off the chatter bait and just used the swim bait.  It is noted if you are fishing more than 5 foot deep you are fishing to deep!  Our equipment list for the week still remained, Duckett rods, ABU Garcia Orra SX 2 reals, Stren “orginal “ line and Zoom trick worms.

The White Bass are in the northern Creeks of the lake chasing shad.  They can be caught on small Strike King Gizzard Shad 1.5 Square Bill crankbaits.  If you are Crappie fishing in the northern creeks you will pick up a few on minnows.

The Crappie fishing remains good all over the lake.  The better Crappies are coming in 11 to 15 foot over brush piles.  Mylar with orange tails 1/16 ounce Crappie jigs worked really well.  When the bite slows down, tip the crappie jig with a minnow.  Works every time!  Have fun!!

The Catfish fishermen continue have good success in 12 foot of water using punch pait.  They are being caught around baited trees.  A few Catfish are showing up on brush piles in front of docks in 6 to 8 foot of water.  

While you are at Lake Fork, make sure you stop into Lake Fork Marina and check out all the new tackle such as the new Strike King Chatter Baits and the Smash tech swim baits.  They also have a good selection of Duckett Rods and ABU Garcia Reels.

Fall fishing is in full swing.  Here at J & M Guide Service we have several dates open for guided trips for Bass, Crappie and White Bass fishing.  Give us a call at: (903) 413-6919 or E-mail us at bassmr@geusnet.comn .  Have a great fishing week and keep a tight line. ☺



Lake Fork Marina – Customer Appreciation Month

October 31, 2016

Looking for a reason to come out to Lake Fork?

November is customer appreciation month at Lake Fork Marina.



Lake Fork Sunset

October 28, 2016

Stole this one from Lake Fork Guide, Eric Wright


Leaving The Marina

October 25, 2016

James Caldemeyer heading to work.  10-24-2016


Pinson 10-25-2016

October 25, 2016




October 21, 2016


FROM:  J & M Guide Service

DATES:  10 – 16 October 2016

It was a very busy week here on Lake Fork.  We were busy getting ready for the Berkley Bass Tournament.  Berkley, Bass Champs and Lake Fork Marina made the tournament a huge success.  The big Bass for over the slot was a nice 10.15 pound Bass with a 2.95 pound Bass taking the honors for the fish under the slot. The weather remained good all weekend and the water temperatures remained constant in the low to middle 70’s.  The top water bite is getting fairly consistent and both the Texas rig and wacky rig worm bite remaining good.  The Berkley blue fleck power worm has been really good this week on the Texas rig and the Zoom watermelon/red Zoom trick worm is still working on the wacky rig.  Now for the zoom watermelon/red trick worm, make sure you dye the tail chartreuse and put a little nail in the head to get the worm down into the Hydrilla.  For our equipment list for the week, we continued to use the Duckett Ghost rods and the ABU Garcia Orra SX reels lined with Stren 17 pound test line.  

The White bass are getting more active as the water temperatures continue to get cooler.  This week we caught them on Joe Spaits chrome with red eyes ½ ounce Flash Tail spoon.  They have moved up in the water column to 18 to 22 foot of water.

The Crappie fishing gets better each week.  Several really good Crappies were taken on jigs and jig/minnow combination.  We found them in 11 to 18 foot of water over brush piles.

The Catfish fishermen had a lot of fun this week. Numerous good Catfish were taken in 22 to 26 foot of water around baited trees.  Punch bait was the bait of choice this week.  

Lake Fork Marina hosted the Berkley Bass Tournament this past weekend.  Ken, Dana and the whole staff did another great job of setting up and supporting the complete tournament.  Great Job folks!  Their newly remolded Tackle Shop is well stocked with all the latest tackle, Duckett rods and ABU Garcia reels.  Stop in and see the entire new product lines they have to offer.

Well finally all the major tournaments are over with for this year and we can get down to some serious Bass fishing.  I have several days open for the rest of the fall and winter for guided Bass, White Bass and Crappie trips.  Give us a call at: (903) 413-6919 or E-mail us at: .  Have a great fishing week and keep a tight line.



September 21, 2016

J & M Guide Service

DATES:  12 – 18 September 2016

It was very warm this week here at Lake Fork.  Due to the warm air temperatures the water temperature also rose back to 88 -89 degrees.  However, with the large amounts of Hydrilla starting to show up in the creeks, the creeks are starting to clear up.  One of my clients asked me, why does the Hydrilla look brown?  Here is the answer to that; the Hydrilla acts as a filtering system in the water.  Take a piece of Hydrilla that looks brown and run your hand down it, you will find out it is green underneath.  The Big Bass Splash is now over.  It took an 11.18 pound Bass to win the top prize in the over the slot category and a 2.59 Bass to win in the under the slot category.  Congratulation to both the anglers!  The pattern did not change much this week.  A Zoom chartreuse/pumpkin trick worm rigged wacky style was the top producer in the Hydrilla and the best water depth was 3 to 4 feet.   The Zoom watermelon/red Mag II worm worked very well in the thick pads.  The Rattle Trap bite did fall off this week due to the warmer water temperatures.  For equipment list this week we continued to use Duckett rods and ABU Garcia reels lined with Stren 17 pound test line.  Zoom worm products was our best producers.

With the water temperatures back in the upper 80’s the White Bass fishing continued to be slow.  When you found them, the Joe Spaits chrome with red eyes and the white with black stripe Flashtail ½ ounce spoon worked really well.  The moved back in to 28 to 32 foot of water.

The Crappie fishing was good this week.  Look for them in 20 foot of water over and around brush piles.   The minnow rig is still the best way to put good Crappies in the boat.

No Catfish report this week due to the Big Bass Splash.

With the Berkley tournament just around the corner, Lake Fork Marina has gotten a very large shipment of Berkley product in.  You might want to check out the Tightline UV products also.  The Tightline products are changing the complete Bass fishing Industry.  

Yes the Berkley and Bass Cat Tournaments are quickly approaching.  We have a few days open for guided bass trips to help get ready for the tournaments.  Give us a call at: (903) 413-6919 or E-mail us at: .  Have a great fishing week!