Lake Fork Trophy Bass Fishing Report 8-12-2007 & BIG FISH PICS!

James Caldemeyer’s Lake Fork Trophy Bass Report
Submitted August 12, 2007
By Guide James Caldemeyer

 Doug and Rachael with a beauty


WOW, is it hot! The summer heat has finally made it’s way to east Texas. But don’t let the warm weather discourage you from coming to the lake. Summertime and Lake Fork can equate to some HOT bass fishing action!
I was privileged to be able to fish with Mr. Doug Jost and his daughter Rachel yesterday. I must say that this 11 yr old girl had her mind on fishing and the warm weather was not going to slow her down. She persevered in the heat of the afternoon without a complaint and was rewarded with some real nice fish. Good job Rachel!
The lake is in great shape for August with water levels holding steady at 403.60, just above full pool. The gates at the dam have remained closed and this has kept the fishing more consistent. Surface temperatures have been ranging from 85-92 degrees. Water clarity is fairly clear to slightly stained in areas.The shallow bite has been good for small to medium sized slot fish early and late in the day. Best areas have been main lake and secondary points adjacent to deep water, creek channel bends and shallow pond dams. The presence of good grass beds has been the key to these areas being productive. Wacky worms worked over the grass in watermelon candy, watermelon red, june bug and sour grape colors have produced the best. Texas rigged worms and drop shot rigs have also done well in these same colors. The topwater bite early has produced some fish on certain days with yellow magics, zara spooks and sammys in shad patterns being the most productive. You’ll also want to keep a shallow running crank bait handy for some good shallow water action. Norman Little N’s and Deep Little N’s have been best in shad colors and chartreuse/blue back.Most of my fishing has been out deep for the big mamas though! Deep structure fishing at Lake Fork is hard to beat this time of year all the way into the fall months. This type of fishing is intimidating to a lot of anglers but once you have learned how to find fish in deep water, the dividends can be outstanding. Depths from 20 to 35 feet is where you’ll find the majority of the concentrations of fish. Best areas to target are main lake points, road beds, humps, ridges, and pond dams that are relative to this depth range. Once you have established several areas to consider, a good graph will show you if fish are holding in on these spots. A Lowrance is as dependable as they come and I rely on mine daily to tell me where the fish are hanging out.Carolina rigs have been the most productive for me after I have marked some fish with my electronics. I use a 7’6” heavy action Shimano Crucial rod and reel spooled with 20lb. Gamma Edge fluorocarbon, a 1 oz. weight and a 4-5 foot leader. Best baits have been the Grande Bass Rattlesnake or Mutant in watermelon red, pumpkin chartreuse or chartreuse pepper colors rigged on a 3/0 wide gap hook. On some days the fish prefer the rig worked through them on a steady pull and on other days you’ll want to hop it some. So try varying your retrieve some when you are out there and let the fish tell you how they want the bait worked. Big 10 inch worms like the Zoom Ole Monster or Berkley Power Worms have been catching some nice fish as well. Watermelon seed, watermelon red, and blue fleck have been my colors of choice.There have been some days that the fish are a little less active and somewhat suspended off the bottom in these deep areas. Catching them on a Carolina rig or Texas rig will not be as productive when this occurs. That is when I grab my Crucial spinning rod and start working on them with a drop shot rig. I keep my rod spooled up with 10 lb. Gamma fluorocarbon, a 2/0 drop shot hook and a 3/8 to 1/2 oz. weight attached about 18 to 24 inches below the bait. Best baits have been the Baby Rattlesnake in watermelon red and chartreuse pepper or a 4” finesse worm in shades of watermelon or pumpkinseed.Another great way to catch these suspended Lake Fork bass is with a deep diving crankbait, chrome lipless crank bait, jigging spoon, or swimbait worked at or just above the depth that these bass are suspending. At times you will find these fish schooling on bait fish and will want to have your rod ready to cast into the school of fish before they move off or quit chasing shad. The schooling action is awesome and my clients have caught a number of big fish like this. This schooling activity should heat up along with the temperatures of the summer!If you are planning a trip to Lake Fork to come catch some of these trophy bass and would like to book a guided trip, feel free to give me a call at (903)736-9888 or you can send me an email I will work hard to make your fishing experience at Lake Fork a productive and memorable one! Read Acts 2:38Tight Lines and God Bless,
James Caldemeyer

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