Lake Fork Chris Sinkey Report


Fishing at Lake Fork has been good the last couple of weeks with days averaging 15 to 30 fish a day. The key for numbers and size has been fishing off-shore structure such as roadbeds, humps, ledges, and pond dams. Use your electronics to find these structures and see if the fish are bunched up on them, or just to the sides. Even though they are sitting off to the sides of the roadbed (for example) these fish can still be caught. But when they are bunched up ON the structure, it’s “Game On.” I have been focusing more on the roadbeds and humps in about 15 to 30ft.. For these fish I have mainly stuck with a Carolina Rig with a 1oz. weight and about a 5ft. leader. I am using 2 to 3 different baits to produce bites. First has been a Chart. Pepper Baby Rattlesnake by GrandeBass. This bait has been putting more numbers in the boat, but has produced some fish over 7 lbs.. The second bait has been a Watermelon Red, or Ssabednarg colored Mutant, also by GrandeBass. You can find these baits at I have noticed in the last week or two, that the days when it is very sunny and very hot; the bites have been much more aggresive. Another bait I have been having success with is a 1/2 oz. Blue Shad Nichols Jig rigged with a white trailer. Other baits producing well have been, DD-22’s, swimbaits, and drop-shot rigs.
I am also catching some fish shallow around grass in about 4 to 8ft. of water. For these fish, I have been using GrandeBass Stick’s and Rattlesnakes in Watermelon Red, Watermelon Chart., and Ssabednarg. Im fishing these on a light weighted Mustad Power Plus 3/0 hook, Texas rigged. Some days, they want the straight fall, and others they want them fished whacky rigged.

Hope this helps out anybody looking to hit the lake for the first time or just out fishing for fun.
Good Luck



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