Lake Fork Bass Fishing Report by Tom Redington

The heat of summer finally hit Lake Fork this week. Other than a couple of slow days, the deep structure fishing is hot as well, with several days with catches from 33 to 47 bass. While we didn’t catch any monsters this week, fishing has been very good for slot fish, with a lot of fish being caught in the 5 lb to a little over 7 lb range. I expect the good deep structure fishing during the day to continue until mid-September when the lake turns over.Fishing in both the shallows and deep water typically picks up in late September each year and stays strong through most of November. With all of the newly flooded cover and the abundance of shad, it’s shaping up for a great fall season on Lake Fork. Look for lots of good fish to come in during the McDonald’s Big Bass Splash, Berkley Big Bass tourney, Irving Bass Club Open and the rest of the fall tournaments. Best of luck to those of you headed this way!Lake Conditions: Lake Fork’s water level is dropping very slowly, currently reading 403.56’, about 7” above full pool. The higher water levels have flooded a bunch of shallow vegetation that is holding fish and is acting as a nursery for young baitfish and bass. Meanwhile, there is an inside grassline at about 6’ and a deep weedline in 8’ to about 13’. The main lake remains more stained than normal for this time of year, while the creeks with lots of vegetation have cleared considerably. Water temps warmed this past week, reading from 86 to 94 in the main lake. The thermocline has developed at about 28’ and will remain in place until the lake cools dramatically and turns over, typically in mid-September.

Location Pattern: My location and presentation patterns remain largely unchanged, and I expect it will stay that way until the lake turns over. Although some bass remain in shallow water, I’m concentrating on offshore structure. Points, ledges, pond dams, channel bends, road beds, and humps in anywhere from 10’ to 36’ is where I’m looking for fish with my Z21 Ranger. Most days, shallower structure, about 18’ and less, is best early and I’ll work progressively deeper as the sun gets higher. Basically, look for significant depth changes anywhere from the middle of major creeks out to the main lake and you’ll be in business. Some days these bass are suspended and other days they’re on the bottom, although fishing is easier and usually more productive if you can find schools on the bottom.

Presentation Pattern: Texas rigged watermelon/red flake or blue fleck 10” Lake Fork Worms are catching some big bass from schools located on the bottom on deep structure. In these same areas, drop shotting watermelon candy or watermelon/red flake Twitch Worms are catching lots of keeper sized fish and some big ones, too. Or switch to a Carolina rigged Killer Craw or watermelon/red colored Baby Fork Creature or Baby Ring Fry and steadily drag it along until you find a piece of wood, then slow it way down and get ready for a big one. When the bass are suspended, weighted 4.5” and the new 5.5” Live Magic Shad swimbaits, spoons, or deep diving crankbaits in shad or yellow bass patterns are working best and catching some lunkers too. The key is counting your bait down to the level of the bass and keeping it in front of them for as much of the retrieve as possible.

Here’s hoping you catch the lunker of your dreams. If I can be of assistance, please contact me at 214-683-9572 (days) or 972-635-6027 (evenings) or e-mail me through , where your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Good Fishing,




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