Lake Fork conditions 9-10-07

Yesterday from noon to 3pm we had over 2 inches of rain. The lake came up a noticable amount, but the SRA did not open the flood gates. The Sabine River Authority is showing the lake level as 403.39, which is .39 of a foot over full pool.

The lake patterns are changing with the cloudy days and lower temps, I’d expect a lot of success in the tournament beating the bank as a lot of folks are reporting large fish caught in water as shallow as 3 foot. Baby minus 1’s were the bait of choice by some fisherman from Arkansas that had an 7lb 4oz and a 8lb 9oz and a dozen other quality fish yesterday after the storm.

Zoom Trickworms in Junebug and watermelon/red are still our best sellers at the moment and have been catching a lot of fish in th 2lb range. DD22’s in Smokey Joe (DD22-141) is what is selling well for the deepwater folks, but the deepbite hasn’t really been “on” in the last week or so. A lot of suspended fish in 20-25 foot of water-


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