Lake Fork Big Spoon by Weedless Lures (Joe Spaits)

UPDATE:  We have the spoons now .

I am getting a lot of calls about the big spoons made by the Tackle Factory.  They were used by Kelley Jordan on a recent tv show and the phone is ringing off the hook.  I do not and can not get these in stock as they are manufactured here locally.
To order here is our ebay store:


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5 Responses to “Lake Fork Big Spoon by Weedless Lures (Joe Spaits)”

  1. Will Says:

    I was using those with Gator.

  2. links for 2007-11-29 « The Fishin’ Blog Says:

    […] Lake Fork Big Spoon by Weedless Lures (Joe Spaits) « Lake Fork Marina Fishing Report I’ll be writing a post about this spoon and the conversations that have been revolving around it. I think it’s interesting to map out the conversations trail on the internet. (tags: Big Spoons Joe Spaits Spoon Lake Fork Bass Fishing) […]

  3. So That’s What He Was Using - Kelly Jordan’s Magic Spoon | Penn’s Outdoors Says:

    […] apparently wasn’t the only one looking into these spoons.  Here’s a post from Lake Fork Marina.  They have updated this post that they do have the […]

  4. Myrle Elkington Says:

    Great site. Well Written

  5. Virgil Shotts Says:

    To me personally right now there is actually practically nothing more fantastic than angling, when I have the opportunity.I enjoy the tranquility and quiet inside my hobby, as other folks do I am sure. Thank you for your appealing reviews I enjoy reading through them so much. Thank you.

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