Give An’ Get

Just wanted to pop in and give a special thanks to all the anglers who’ve allowed us to share their fishing reports. It’s important for all of us to remember that these reports are without question some of the finest fishing reports you can find in the community.

Please take a moment to visit their personal sites and their sponsors.These anglers all work very hard to teach the community about the world’s greatest sport and this site would not exist without their willingness to share their knowledge

We hope more anglers can stop by and contribute to the site.

  1. James Caldemeyer
  2. Tony Clark
  3. John Tanner
  4. Chris Sinkey
  5. Tom Redington
  6. Jimmy Everett
  7. Bill Tullos

(if we forgot somebody, please leave a comment)

If you find a post or a fishing report on our site that you feel can benefit your own site, please make sure to drop the angler an email and give them due credit. If for no other reason than to introduce yourself, or just to let the angler know that you appreciate them taking the time to write a report, i.e, don’t be afraid to let the angler know you want to help them share their knowledge with others.

The work we put up here is meant to be shared by all in the fishing community.

We’re learning along the way how to share our local anglers’ knowledge with others. Likewise, we’re going to make mistakes along the way. When we compose a report and forget to link, or we’re just not sure how to approach a situation, please understand we’re learning as we go. The goal is to help contribute to the fishing community.

We’re also going to try out a few audio reports to see how it goes. We’ve seen them on other sites and they appear to be user friendly. Our thought is that if we can find a way to help professional anglers share their knowledge more easily with us than why not. Let’s see how it goes.

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