Ray Vereen Lake Fork Report October 18, 2007

Date:   10/18/07  Lake Fork Conditions Surface Temperature: 75 – 79. Water Level: 403.02 feet with a normal level of 403 feet.Water Clarity: normal    

 Have you been waiting for the water to cool down and the fall bite to start? Well, you might be a little late, but this can be changed by making your way to Lake Fork before it is too late. The fall bite should be great this year based on the water level, the healthy grass beds around a lot of the lake and of course the current bite. One can find bass in the shallow, mid and deep waters of Lake Fork. It all depends on what type of fishing is preferred. The great thing is that nice fish can be caught with any cast. Favorite top water baits can be used to get a bite first thing in the morning and end of the day. If it is cloudy, try them throughout the day. Weedless rubber frogs, buzz baits, and popper baits are great ways to find top water action this time of year. Find grass beds that taper out into deeper water to get more bites. The grass beds which are more like walls with little taper are not producing as many bites. When the top water action stops try fishing the same area with a little deeper water presentation or the next available cover like tree lines with sub-surface baits and rigs. Weighted wacky rigged worms and flukes fished slowly, or slow rolled spinner baits and crank baits (lipped, or lipless) will catch a few more. If one likes to fish the mid range structure in 5 to 20 feet of water slowly, a jig and trailer, a Texas rigged worm, a Carolina rigged bait, or a “shaky” head worm have produced some bigger fish. If deep water structure fishing is one’s pattern of choice, bass can be caught a number of ways during the fall bite. Drop shot rigs, ¾ or 1 oz. jigging spoons, 4” swim baits, and ¾ oz tail spinners all caught fish this week. The white and yellow bass, and bait fish schools have moved onto main lake road beds and humps, and will have black bass with them. Talk about some really fun fishing for everyone. Yellow and white bass also make for a tasty meal and are the only target fish for some folks. I would like to see everyone fishing for the white bass. Catch them and take them home based on current regulations. What would really be nice is if the Texas Parks and Wildlife would change the current regulations for white bass to be the same as yellow bass – no size limit and no limit on number of fish kept. Let’s call it population control. Crappie are also close to these schools of bait fish. Hint hint – the crappie are biting for the avid crappie angler. More and more of the 10”+ crappie are being caught. Minnows are getting bit and ¼ oz Crappie Buster jigs are producing some nice crappie in 18 – 25 feet of water. What more can I say? The fall is starting out to be great here on Lake Fork. Anglers of all species can enjoy a great day of fishing. 

Lures that caught most of our fish this week:           

Japanese Shad Yellow Magic           

Small white spinner baits             

Carolina rigged watermelon candy baby ring fry           

¼ oz “giggy” head with watermelon/candy twitch worm

Merthiolate twitch worm rigged on a drop shot¾ to 1 ½ oz jigging and casting spoons           

Watermelon Zoom Super Fluke with a 1/8 oz Mustad swim hook           

Wacky rigged Cinnamon/Raisin Zoom Trick worm            

Cinnamon/Blue Crappie Buster jig            

 I say this again, fall fishing at Lake Fork has started October and November have always been great months to fish Lake Fork, so come on out and enjoy a great day of fishing whether it is for anykind bass or crappie. I hope the above information will help you catch more and bigger fish on Lake Fork, and let me know if there is anything I can do to assist.  Well, the fish are biting-got to go.Until next week remember,Don’t catch ‘m all, let ‘m go, and let ‘m grow. 

I can be reached at the following numbers or email. Questions and comments are welcomed. rayvereen@yahoo.com 877-347-4668 (toll free)903-473-9528 (office)
 visit: www.fishonlakefork.com

God bless those who are in need,


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