Guide Lance Vick Lake Fork Fishing Report October 23, 2007

Lance Vick 13.05


October is almost gone; so far the fishing has been awesome like the rest of the year.  This year has been so constantly good very good, and now we are going into the best time of the fall bite. Lake Fork bass are feeding up for the winter and they want to be fat because they are eating all day it seems.

The shallow fish are biting on spinnerbaits and top waters early and late.  Grass fish seem catchable all day, while the deep fish are “on” when the sun is up (10 to 5.)

We’re catching fish early on Frank Johnson’s ½ oz spinner bait white and chartreuse with a Colorado and willow leaf blade, above the hydrilla in water from 1 to 6 foot deep.

Spinnerbaits are working better if the wind is blowing; while Topwaters have been working if the wind is calm.  I have been doing best with the Zoom Horney Toad in green pumpkin with the legs dyed chartreuse.

When that bite is over we are hitting and couple of worm holes in water 7 to 12ft depth, mostly the end of grass points.  There are some big ones in the grass. Be ready for a monster!

Bite around the grass, not all the big fish move to off shore structure in the fall. We are using 17lb and 20lb Vanish Fluorocarbon for the heavy duty work .Rig your worm rod up with a ¼ oz weight 3/0 hook and an eight inch worm and work the edges of the grass and drop offs for a bite. Blue Fleck and Tequila sunrise have been productive colors.

Now that the shallow stuff is covered let’s get to the real meat of the fall bite!

Yes you guessed it, the deep bite.  I learned most my deep fishing knowledge from bass fishing greats such as Mark Pack, Richard McCarty and Ronnie Byrd. Following in their footsteps and improving as the lake grows older and as new lures hit the market.  I have been on the leading edge of the deep bite for years. The large schools of shad and yellow bass attract the top of the food chain

On Lake Fork, MONSTER BASS……….

Finding the food source, Shad and yellow bass is the first step to finding trophy bass.  Start your search on road beds, deep points, and humps don’t stop your boat until you have found baitfish and or bass on top of the piece of structure you are looking at.  When you do drive past the baitfish or bass and drop a buoy so you can stay with the fish, now load up a rod with 17lb fluorocarbon and a Frank Johnson ½ spoons.  This is first choice for fall fish, throw over the school of fish and let sink all the way to the bottom then hop up and let the lure fall on slack line this is when you’ll get the bite.  During this time of the year you can catch fish on the bottom at 25ft deep and catch them on the surface in the same spot 5 minutes later that’s what makes fall fishing so fun.

Another lure that works well for both the fish on the bottom and for the fish that are schooling on the surface is The Storm swim bait in the 4 or 6 inch size, I have found the best color the be the shad color. If I am throwing the spoon on the bottom and the fish school on the surface I will have this lure ready and throw right at them and reel like a rattle trap. Let’em load up on it before you set the hook.

 The fall action is hot right now; call now to feed some hungry bass.



Lance Vick


One Response to “Guide Lance Vick Lake Fork Fishing Report October 23, 2007”

  1. thefishin'blog Says:

    “The Storm swim bait in the 4 or 6 inch size, I have found the best color the be the shad color.”

    I was slayin’ em with the same bait, but you’ll go broke throwin ’em…

    I can’t wait to get back at ’em…

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