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Lake Fork and Monticello Fishing Report by Clint Wright 11/25/2007

November 26, 2007

Lake Fork Report: 24NOV2007
Lake Level: Full
Water Clarity: Clear to stained (main lake)
Water temp: 62 and falling
Weather: Rain today and tomorrow with highs in the 40’s and lows in the 30’s. Partly cloudy skies all week with another chance for rain next weekend, highs all week in the 50’s and 60’s with lows in the 40’s.
News: Gift Certificates for the holidays are available for full and half day guided fishing trips; these make a great gift for any occasion. Spring is just around the corner and Lake Fork is expected to be very busy. Now is the time to start booking all the accommodations you will need during this time.
Budweiser Share-a-lunker program season has started, awaiting its first entry.

Fishing Report

Lake Fork:

It is hard to believe that Christmas is right around the corner, time flies when you’re having fun. On 21Nov07 East Texas was hit by a Northern cold front, temperatures dropped from the 70’s and 80’s to lows in the 30’s overnight. So an exact report on what has been working the last two weeks would not do anyone much good. But, what I will report is how we catch these cold weather fish on Fork year after year during this time. Many of us have been waiting for this cooler weather for several reasons. I like the cooler weather because the appetite of the bass and crappie will kick into overdrive as they feed up for the winter. It also narrows down my bait selection to only a few and the fish will really group up on the baitfish making numbers of catches good once schools are found.
Anglers visiting Lake Fork during December and January will find concentrations of Bass in two locations, very shallow (2-9 ft.) and very deep (20-40 ft). For the shallow water bite I will be throwing two styles of baits being a lipless crankbait like the Sebile Flatt shad and a shakey head like the Arkie u-bolt or jerkey head. I will team up these finesse heads with a Reaction Innovations 6.95 or 4.95 flirt. Color on the lipless bait is something you will have to experiment with day to day. I like using the yo-yo retrieve better than a burning retrieve; this seems to always catch larger fish for us. On the flirt I like the colors Juicy, California 420 and some others in greens and browns. I fish the head in the creeks and on the edges, dead sticking. The key here is to find grass and shad in the back of the creeks. Start at the back of a creek and work half way out, if no takers try another.
For the deep water bite we will be using four styles of baits being one of my custom spoons, drop shot (flirt), swim bait and a Flatt Shad. While fishing deep this time of year I depend greatly on my electronics. I always start out with my custom spoon on these fish. A lot of guys are casting a spoon and that is fine. But, when I have marked the fish in 20-40 ft, I like to fish vertical because I can ensure where they are and if they have moved by watching my graph. Make sure you pause and shake the spoon on the way back up to the boat just incase there are some suspended fish under the boat. Another great way to catch some lunkers deep is taking the flatt shad and fishing it vertical or horizontal off the bottom (yo-yo), like a spoon. This is the only lipless bait that I will use for this presentation because it isn’t as loud as others and doesn’t seem to spook any fish in the school, others will.

Lake Monticello:

December and January offers a limited time of extraordinary wintertime fishing with daily catches in the 40’s to 50’s common. This is the time of year that this lake shines. The lake is in great shape with visibility clearing up after the algae bloom and levels rising with water from Bob Sandlin being pumped in. The big females are in a pre-spawn pattern now. We have been catching fish all over the lake to include the cold side, hot side, discharge and in between. My favorite baits to catch these bass in on topwater; baits like the Sebile splasher and a Reaction Innovations Trixie Shark will be a sure thing early, late and all day if it is cloudy. We can expect to start seeing some fish on the beds it two weeks (if the cool weather hangs around). During the day lipless baits, crankbaits, Boom Boom tubes and a drop shot is hard to beat. The lake is short of vegetation this year so the lilly pads and timber is a great place for the hawgs to be hanging out.

I would like to invite you out to Lake Fork, Lake Monticello or Lake Welsh on a professional guided fishing trip. I still have some dates available for December and January. February will kick off the pre-spawn here at Lake Fork and dates during this time will book quickly so please plan ahead for your trip.

Thanks to my sponsors Gotcha Distributing, Reaction Innovations, Revenge Jigs, Sebile, Sunline, Arkie, Moby bass rods and Oak Ridge Marina. I must also thank the Texas Parks and Wildlife for their efforts in keeping this lake great.
Feel free to contact me anytime via email or by phone 903-918-9469 if you ever have any questions about Lake Fork or to book your next guided fishing trip on this fine fishery.

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Chris Sinkey Lake Fork Fishing Report November 26, 2007

November 26, 2007

Chris Sinkey November Fishing Report
Lake Fork
This last week of fishing was actually very good on the days the weather would allow you to fish without being drenched and cold.
Fish are being caught both shallow in the grass and scattered deep on humps and roadbeds around the baitfish. I didn’t have as much luck out deep, so my report concentrates more on the shallow fish.
I have been using five techniques up shallow: Rattle traps, Spinnerbaits, Drop-Shotting, Split shot rigs, and whacky rigs. For the traps, Im using a 1/2oz. trap in either Chrome/Blue or Tennessee Shad. The secret is to keep this bait in contact with the grass at all times. Even ripping it thru the grass every now and then. Same goes with the spinnerbait. Im using a 1/2oz. Blue Shad Nichols spinnerbait by Keep the bait just above the grass and even bring it thru the grass as much as possible. These fish will try to take the rod out of your hands.
On the drop-shot rig, Im using a 6in. GrandeBass Trickster Worm by in 2 color shades. When it’s sunny, Im using shades of Watermelon, and when it’s cloudy, Im using darker shades such as Trophy Hunter or Junebug. I am making long cast up towards the bank and working the rig slowly back to me thru the grass. Bites have been real aggresive doing this.
I am also using these same color baits by GrandeBass on my split shot rigs and whacky rigs. Casting these up shallow in the grass or next to timber will get you bit. These bites have been a little softer. The fish just seem to pick it up and swim off with the bait. This is where I rely on the sensitivity of my rods. Im using Kistler Rods by These are the most sensitive rods I have ever had my hands on. You feel everything!
I hope this helps anybody that might be making a trip out to Fork here in the next week or so.
If you have any questions for me or would like to know more about my sponsors mentioned above, feel free to shoot me an email or check out my website at
Chris Sinkey

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Fishing is FINALLY picking back up on Fork

November 15, 2007

Not really a report, but finally after a long dead period the fishing is finally picking up.  Starting to see and hear of a lot quality fish in the 7-9lb range in the last few days.

Our best selling bait is the big Joe Spaits Spoon made at the Tackle Factory, I cannot keep them in stock.  If your making a trip to purchase some spoons please give me a call and I can tell you if we have them in stock.  I will hold them (limit of 6) for 24 hours.
Cameron Burnett

Update: Here’s a picture of The Big Joe Spaits Spoon.


Lake Fork Report John Tanner November 14, 2007

November 15, 2007

The past week here at Lake Fork has been a blast. The current Lake level is 402.67 and the average water temps are running 63 to 64 degrees. Water clarity is not bad with visibility at about 2 to 4 feet. Early in the day we have been catching fish on white Talon Spinner baits over the grass beds on secondary points leading into the creeks. Wacky rigged Trick Worms in watermelon red have also been boating some fish this week. The topwater bite has been spotty but is still worth throwing in the mornings. You can catch them on Yellow Magics and around the thick stuff I would be casting a white Ribbit frog. The key has been fishing grass that has bait fish around it. If you don’t see any bait activity, keep moving from point to point until you find them. It will make a big difference in your morning catch. In the mid day and on into the late afternoon the deep bite has been good. We have been catching fish on the Talon Lures “T” spoon , Carolina rigs and also big over sized spoons like the one made by Joe from the Tackle factory on hwy 17. It is the original big spoon that is the best. Don’t settle for imitations, Joes is the best and the one that the pros use. Go with 20 pound line on your spoons and Carolina rigs. You can hang some really big ones this time of year so my Shimano rods and reels stay spooled with 20 pound Gamma line. You never know what the next bite holds in store! Scott Chilcutt and Marc Jacobs fished with me on Tuesday and caught some nice ones. Scott caught a 9 ½ pound fish for his biggest and Marc caught two over 7 with several other nice bass on the Talon “T” spoon. Way to go guys ! Yesterday Mr. Steve Good fished with me and we caught them up to 8 pounds and today Rick Hamby and friend Gary fished with me and caught several nice fish up to 7 ¾ pounds. That 7 ¾ was Gary’s biggest bass ever, congrats Gary! Needless to say we have been having a great time here at Lake Fork and catching some nice fish. Look for the deep fish hanging around the deep structure at the mouths of the large creeks and also on some of the main lake humps. Once you mark them with your Lowrance unit it seems like they will hit the spoons right away and then slow down a bit. Once it does go with the Carolina rig and keep catching them. That is what worked the best today going with the spoons first and then switching to the Carolina rig. The best bite on the deep fish has been late afternoon. Late in the evening keep your eyes peeled for schooling fish at the mouths of the pockets along the main lake. Lipless crank baits, small spoons and small spinner baits will catch these fish. The weather forecast is for warm temps to continue through the first part of next week with some rain coming in towards Monday. A cooling trend is forecasted after that for the rest of the week with lows in the mid 40’s and highs in the upper 60 to low 70’s. Not bad for November. If you would like to book a guided trip with us here on Lake Fork call us toll free at 1-800-865-2282 or drop me a line at Also be sure to take a look at all of the pages of the photo section for a look at all of the happy folks holding their Lake Fork giants. For more booking info on a guided trip click on the trip info section. While you are here be sure and go by and visit with the folks at Diamond Sports Marine, local Ranger Boat dealer. They carry a full line of Ranger Boats including the all new Z-520 for 08” This a 20 ft. boat rated for a 250hp. It is the tournament anglers dream boat! I have one coming soon rigged with one of the new Yamaha series 2 engines and I cant wait. For a test ride go by Diamond Sports Marine on hwy 154. If you are in the market for a new boat Diamond Sports can fix you up. Ask for Ben and tell them Tanner sent ya. Or for a deal on a pro staff boat I have a Z-20 for sale now and my 08” Z-520 will be available also. Good Luck if you are headed this way.

Please continue to pray for my Mom as she is still in the hospital but is recovering. It will be a slow process but she is doing better. She asked me to say a special Thank You to all of you who have been praying for her. It means a lot to her and to us as well. God is good !

Read Ephesians 6:2-3.. Good fishin and God Bless,
John and Robin Tanner

Visit for more info.
Many thanks to my sponsors.

Jimmy Everett Fishing Report 11.13.2007

November 15, 2007

The warmth has come back. The fishing is changing from a shallow to deep bite almost daily. Once the fish are found the fishing can be productive. Here the last few days the shallow water bite has been the best but once the cool weather arrives look for those deep water hawgs to start biting.

The shallow water bite has been good on a number of different baits. Look for the bass to be in mid creek to the back of the creeks located around grass beds in 2 to 8 feet of water. I have done best on a 5 ¾ inch Gary Yamamoto Cut Tail Worm in watermelon/red with a chart. dyed tail. I am also inserting a ½ piece of a small insert weight by lunker city. This has been deadly around the grass giving it small twitches in and out of the grass with short pauses. In the same areas a texas rigged Gary Yamamoto swimsenko or lizard with a 1/8ounce weight and worked fast over the grass has also picked up some good numbers of fish. Don’t forget on the deeper grass a weightless Gary Yamamoto Senko has picked up some of the better shallow water fish. Work the Senkos very slow for the best results. Same colors on all these baits have been best.

Start looking more at your creek channels in the back of creeks from 6 to 12 feet of water for some good fish. A black/blue/purple or watermelon/red 1/2ounce Strike Works Wood Jig. Flip and pitch to every piece of cover along the creek and pay attention because some of the bites are a little light and maybe just some line movement.

For that deep water action tie up a Carolina rig, a drop shot, a swim bait, and a 6 inch spoon for some good action. Turn on your graph and start graphing those deep water humps, points, ridges, and roadbeds in 20 to 35 feet of water. Look for the bass, barfish, and or shad grouped up in small areas. Once these are located this is the time to break out the tackle. For the fish near the bottom or on the bottom pick up the rig or the drop shot. My best baits for the rig will be a Zoom Super Fluke or a Gary Yamamoto Lizard and once again in the green, browns, and pumpkins with chartreuse dyed tails. Work these baits slowly along the bottom with short pauses for most of your bites. The fish are mainly feeding when found like this so the bites tend to be easy to feel. If the fish you find on your graph seem to be bunched up off the bottom, such as suspended fish, try throwing the swim baits or spoon in a shad or chrome patter through the middle of the school. The best methods I have found are the count down or a cast past the fish and try to bring it through them.

I Still have November 21, 23, 24, 26-30 open for those wanting to get out on the water for some excellent fall fishing here on Lake Fork. I also have December dates open for some excellent fishing on Fork or book your winter time trip for Monticello during December and January. I also have gift certificates available for all occasions. If you have any questions or would like to book a trip give me a call at 903-216-1867 and I will be happy to help you out.

Good luck on the water and be safe,
Guide Jimmy Everett

Tom Redington Lake Fork Report November 5, 2007

November 5, 2007

Fishing on Lake Fork was slower than normal this past week for us. Apparently, the warming trend forestalled the good fall bite we were enjoying in October. With another cold front coming tonight and cooler temps forecast this week, look for the bite to dramatically improve as shad gang up in the backs of creeks and on main lake structure. November is historically a good month for numbers of fish, so I don’t anticipate the funk will last for long.

With the holidays just around the corner, I do have gift certificates available for those looking for a present for their angling buddies. 2007 has been a fantastic year on Fork, benefiting from ample rains and a full lake. With prespawn starting in late-December, it won’t be long until my favorite lunker time of the year is here, January through March. And with the lake in such good shape, Fork should be awesome in ’08.

Lake Conditions: Fork is 3” below full pool right now, currently reading 402.75’ and dropping very slowly. The lake is full of aquatic vegetation, with a deep weedline anywhere from 8’ to about 15’. The main lake is slightly stained, while the creeks are ranging from clear to stained. Water temps slowly warmed last week, reading from 67 to 70 in the main lake yesterday (Sunday).

Location Pattern: The best pattern for numbers of fish continues to be fishing shallow grassbeds on the main lake and in the first half of major creeks. Early and late and all day on cloudy and windy days are the best times. I’m focusing on shoreline grass, openings in clumps of grass, and the inside weedline. When the sun gets up, concentrate on the deep weed edge in 8’ to 15’. Key on points, inside turns, and along ledges and you’re likely to find more fish. Most of the shallow fish have been in groups, so you’ll fish for a while without getting a bite, then catch several in a small area. I’m also catching some bass back in the coves along creek channel bends but this pattern hasn’t really picked up yet like it will as the water cools. For bigger bass, concentrate on main lake structure in 15’ to 35’. Find the schools of yellow bass and the big largemouth will be with them.

Presentation Pattern: During fall, bass will key on shad and most of my lure choices and colors reflect that preference. Shades of white or chrome are always good choices in the fall on Fork. In the shallows, lipless crankbaits, 3/8 oz spinnerbaits, and shallow running crankbaits have been my best choice. When the bass aren’t in a chasing mood, I’m switching to a Texas rigged watermelon/red or watermelon candy 8” Lake Fork Worm, Twitch Worm, or Baby Fork Creature with an 1/8th oz bullet sinker and working it over the tops of grass and along the edges. Other times, Magic Shads and Live Magic Shads in watermelon worked weightless over the grass beds are catching fish best. For bigger fish, a 3/8 oz blue bruiser Mega Weight jig with a matching Fork Craw trailer is your best bet when pitched to the deep weed edge or stumps along the creek channel. Out deep, Twitch Worms in shades of watermelon are working well on drop shots, as are Carolina rigged Baby Ring Frys, when bass are located on the bottom. Both of these techniques will produce numbers of bass as well as big fish. For the suspended bass, I’m starting with Lake Fork Tackle’s new big Fork Flutter Spoon in the Yellow Bass or Magic Shad colors. These catch fewer yellow bass and are great for catching really big bass. If the bass are finicky and won’t hit the big spoons, I’m throwing small ½ oz spoons and 1 oz tail spinners and catching some largemouth and lots of yellow bass with these.

For more information on how to fish big flutter spoons, check out my November article:

My 2007 Ranger Z21 boat is now for sale. I picked it up in late October of last year and it is fully loaded, rigged with a 250 HP Yamaha with a 5 year warranty. It’s value priced and will save you about $10,000 off the cost of a new boat. For more details and pics of the boat, please check my website ( or drop me a note.

Lake Baccarac Update: Fishing is off to a very fast start for the 2007-2008 season at Baccarac. I’ve updated the fishing reports on my website and they are staggering. In the past few days, two over 12 lbs, 4 over 11 lbs and lots and lots of 10s have been caught. All Mexico lakes go through boom and bust cycles and Baccarac is certainly peaking right now. There are still a few openings left for this coming season, but the remaining dates are booking very quickly. Anyone interested in fishing Baccarac this winter or spring should finalize their plans soon, as the lodge only holds 24 anglers and many of the premium dates are already booked solid. For more info on a trip to Baccarac, please check out my website: .

Here’s hoping you catch the lunker of your dreams. If I can be of assistance, please contact me at 214-683-9572 (days) or 972-635-6027 (evenings) or e-mail me through , where your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Good Fishing,


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