Chris Sinkey Lake Fork Fishing Report November 26, 2007

Chris Sinkey November Fishing Report
Lake Fork
This last week of fishing was actually very good on the days the weather would allow you to fish without being drenched and cold.
Fish are being caught both shallow in the grass and scattered deep on humps and roadbeds around the baitfish. I didn’t have as much luck out deep, so my report concentrates more on the shallow fish.
I have been using five techniques up shallow: Rattle traps, Spinnerbaits, Drop-Shotting, Split shot rigs, and whacky rigs. For the traps, Im using a 1/2oz. trap in either Chrome/Blue or Tennessee Shad. The secret is to keep this bait in contact with the grass at all times. Even ripping it thru the grass every now and then. Same goes with the spinnerbait. Im using a 1/2oz. Blue Shad Nichols spinnerbait by Keep the bait just above the grass and even bring it thru the grass as much as possible. These fish will try to take the rod out of your hands.
On the drop-shot rig, Im using a 6in. GrandeBass Trickster Worm by in 2 color shades. When it’s sunny, Im using shades of Watermelon, and when it’s cloudy, Im using darker shades such as Trophy Hunter or Junebug. I am making long cast up towards the bank and working the rig slowly back to me thru the grass. Bites have been real aggresive doing this.
I am also using these same color baits by GrandeBass on my split shot rigs and whacky rigs. Casting these up shallow in the grass or next to timber will get you bit. These bites have been a little softer. The fish just seem to pick it up and swim off with the bait. This is where I rely on the sensitivity of my rods. Im using Kistler Rods by These are the most sensitive rods I have ever had my hands on. You feel everything!
I hope this helps anybody that might be making a trip out to Fork here in the next week or so.
If you have any questions for me or would like to know more about my sponsors mentioned above, feel free to shoot me an email or check out my website at
Chris Sinkey

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