Chris Sinkey Lake Fork Report February

Fishing on Lake Fork has been pretty typical for this time of year. With water temps averaging around 48 to 49 in most of the spots Im fishing, most of the fish Im catching are pretty scattered. There has only been one or two spots where they have been pretty stacked in. With the air tempatures averaging around the 60’s this next week and some sunshine, I look for the water to warm up a few degrees in these areas and really get these fish moving around.
My bait selections have been pretty simple. Im throwing a 1/2 oz. Red with Brown back Cordell Trap just above the grass, even ripping it free every now and then. This bait is not putting many small fish in the boat. 3 to 5 lbs. has been the average on this bait. (Picture above has been the avaerage size fish on this bait) I am also keeping a 3/8 to 1/2 oz. white or Blue Shad spinnerbait close by for those cloudy/windy days, and a suspending Rogue in Gold/Black with orange belly to work above the grass in about 6 to 10 ft. of water. Im fishing these three baits on Kistler 6′ 9″ Medium Heavy Helium II rods ( ) with 17 lbs. World Wide Sportsman Camo line.
As far as presentation goes, Im going thru areas with the trap. Then when I locate fish, Ill go back with either a drop-shot rig with a 6in. GrandeBass Trickster worm ( ) in shades of Watermelon or Pumpkin or a 1/4 oz. Texas rigged Grandebass Rattlesnake and work those areas over and over again and pick up a few more fish.
One thing I forgot to mention is keep a Black and Blue jig close by your side for when you do find yourself in the creek channel. Flip to every piece of timber along the creek channel. This could land your name on the Sharelunker list or give you the fish of a lifetime.
I look for fish to really start moving around the shallows here any week (depending on the roller coaster weather) getting ready to set up for the spawn.
I hope this helps any of you guys heading out to Fork here in the next few days.
Dont forget when your down to stop by and see the guys at Lake Fork Marina, they will take good care of you and they have the best pie you’ll ever put in your mouth!

Chris Sinkey


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