2-10-08 Lake Fork Report Guide Clint Wright

Fishing Report

Lake Fork:
As I write this report I am reflecting on the fun I had yesterday on the lake with an old friend of mine. Mike caught his personal best (7.5 lbs) at 8:30 in the morning and nearly beat it again at 1:00 in the afternoon (7.2 lbs). We lost an absolute giant of a fish yesterday that somehow pulled free of # 3 owner wide gap trebles. Although 7 lbs. on Lake Fork is not uncommon, it sure made for a good start and an exciting day. I have lots of new photos that will be posted soon on the 2008 photo gallery of http://www.lakeforkdayandnight.com.
The water temperature yesterday reached 54 degrees by the end of the day. Today the water temperature reached 57, remember bass will spawn in 62, so it will not be long.
The number one thing I look for in February is warm water. If you can find areas that lack current or wind and have grass close to deep water, you will be in business. I will be throwing only a few baits for the next two weeks. These are lipless baits like the Sebile Flatt Shad, Stick baits like a rogue and a revenge spinnerbait. Lately, colors have not been important. I primarily throw shades of red or gold. But, I have seen other anglers using white, chrome, and chartreuse with good results.
If you are new to Lake Fork this year, here are two areas to target this month. It’s no secret that Birch and Glade creeks have produced huge fish year after year. But, you might want to check out Long Branch, Coon, Opposum, Little White Oak, White Oak and Penson Bay. The best thing to do is just cover water until you can find a group of fish. Once you locate them you should be able to catch several in one area. I like to fish rogues early and lipless baits the rest of the day. The spinnerbait has always worked best for me in windy or overcast conditions.
Catching Bass on Lake Fork the next two weeks is pretty simple. It’s usually the most productive time of year for most anglers. February and March on Lake Fork has provided more anglers with a Bass of a lifetime than any other months of the year. (Summer Night trips do not count!!!!!)
Good luck fishing and remember to use good quality hooks and line. The Sebile baits come with Owner hooks that do not need changing. But, most all others need to be converted. I would not fish any line less than 17 lb. test, unless you want to be heartbroken, 20 – 30 lb. is spooled up on my reels. Finesse fishing has its time and place, but February and March at Lake Fork is not that time!

I would like to invite you out to Lake Fork on a professional guided fishing trip. All you really need to go fishing with me is a fishing license. I can provide rods, reels, tackle etc. with not extra charge.

Thanks to my sponsors Gotcha Distributing, Reaction Innovations, Revenge Jigs, Sebile, Arkie, Custom Angle Moby bass rods and Oak Ridge Marina. I must also thank the Texas Parks and Wildlife for their efforts in keeping this lake great.
Feel free to contact me anytime via email lakeforkdayandnight@yahoo.com or by phone 903-918-9469 if you ever have any questions about Lake Fork or to book your next guided fishing trip on this fine fishery.


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