Chris Sinkey Lake fork Report Feb 2008

 *I want to thank Chris Sinkey for taking time to do reports for the website, he is a competitive tournament fisherman and not a guide and does these reports just to be helpful.* On to his report:

Fishing this last week at Fork has really been incredible! Even with the rains, and slight drop in water temps we have really been putting some good numbers and size in the boat. Early last week the average water temp in the areas I’ve been fishing have been around 53 to 55 degrees. Later in the week, after the rains, they dropped down to around 51. Fished 3 times last week, with one trip only producing 9, the other 17, and on tournament day around 30. Im spending most of my time in Northern creeks targeting shallower fish that have moved up in the grass.
Im throwing a 1/4 to 1/2 oz. lipless crankbait to find these fish in Chrome/Blue or shades of Red. These fish will be on one or the other. Some days they wont even touch red, and others, they wont touch chrome. Throw these baits up in 4 to 8 ft. of water and keep in contact with the grass. That will be the key for most of your strikes.
After finding an area holding a few fish, Ill go back and work the area with a split shot rig or drop-shot rig with a 4 in. GrandeBass Trickster worm. Throw these baits up in and around the grass and slowly work it back to you. Bites have been very aggresive this last week, so you might want to hang on to your rod.
I did not flip a jig much this last week, but I know that most of the bigger females are just holding out ready to move in at any time. Flipping a jig can catch you the fish of a lifetime right now. Flip every piece of cover lining the creek channels, thesse larger females will be sitting waiting to move up to spawn and the jig will get them to bite most of the time.
With March basically here, I expect to see some big fish brought to the scales in the next couple of weeks, with a few Sharelunkers very possible.
Good luck, and hope to see you on the water.

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