Guide James Caldemeyer Lake Fork Report 2-27-2008

February is coming to a close but the pre-spawn bass
fishing at Lake Fork is wide open! Now is a great time
to be out on the lake pursuing the fish of a lifetime.
The big females are making their annual migration
toward the shallows in preparation for another
spectacular year of spawning activity. I always look
forward to this time of year as Lake Fork gets to show
all others why it remains the “Bass Capitol” of Texas.

The weather has been like a roller coaster lately,
which is typical in February. Stable weather
conditions and the front side of cold fronts coming
through have been the most productive periods even
when the wind is blowing hard. The water level at Lake
Fork is sitting at 403.08 which is great. The draw
back is that with the recent rains bringing the lake
above full pool, it has stained a lot of the water up
in the creeks. Finding the areas in the creeks that
have clearer water are key places to focus on.
Water temperatures have ranged from 51-55 degrees in
recent days depending on the evening air temperatures.
With so many fluctuations in weather conditions, it is
important to monitor your surface temp gauge in the
areas that you are fishing. The most active bass are
amongst the warmest water available to them on a given
day and sometimes these areas can change overnight or
from morning to afternoon. This can definitely make it
a challenge to keep up with those “big mamas”.
The best approach to locating the fish has been
targeting the staging areas such as main lake points,
secondary points, creek channels, ditches or drop offs
that are adjacent to spawning flats. I will throw
“search baits” such as the rattle trap, spinner bait
or a chatter bait over the grass beds to entice a
reaction strike. The ½ oz. or ¾ oz. rattle trap is my
favorite and by far the most productive right now.
Red/orange crawfish patterns, white/red, gold, or
chrome/blue all have their place. Cranking over the
grass and letting it fall down in it then ripping it
out will trigger most of your bites so keep it in
contact with the grass. Change the colors up also to
see which one they want best on a given day. As the
days warm up, a double willow Talon spinner bait in
chart./white or red will catch them as well.
Once you have found an area that is concentrated with
fish, slooowww down and fish the area thoroughly! I
have been fishing a black/blue Talon ½ oz. to ¾ oz.
jig tipped with a matching trailer and backing out to
about 10-12 foot of water for some big fish action.
The jig bite has been a little bit inconsistent but
give it a fair chance because when they get on it,
they GET ON IT! Keep the senko/fluke rod handy.
Shimano’s new Cumara 7’2” Med. Hvy. rod and 50mg reel
spooled with 16lb. Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon is the
perfect combination and man is it light. A 4/0 wide
gap hook, Texas rigged or Mr. Blitz “Pin’Acky” wacky
style hook rigged with a Wave Worm
Tiki Stick and Tiki Bamboo Stick in black/blue, green
pumpkin, watermelon red, or sweet potato pie has
produced some good fish lately as well. Dead-sticking this bait from now
through spring will be a very productive technique for
catching a big bass. Just throw it out there and let
it soak!
If springtime has you itching for a new ride out on
the water, you need to go by and check out the new
line of Rangers at Diamond Sports Marine on Hwy 154
while you are at Lake Fork. I gave two different guys
demo rides in my new Z520 on Saturday and they were
both so impressed in the boat that each they had to
get one. This new boat is that amazing so go by and
take a look at one!
If you would like to book a trip to come fish Lake
Fork this year, feel free to give me a call
(903)736-9888 or you can email me at . I do not have any
availability in March or April but I do have a few
dates open in May and June. These are excellent months
to catch late spawning bass and get in on the
tremendous post-spawn action!
I would like to thank my proud sponsors for their
support and the opportunity to promote the quality
products that they produce. A special thanks to my new
sponsors, Mr. Blitz and Wave Worm. Please pray for my
good friend and fellow guide John Tanner as he
recovers from a kidney stone. Read Philippians 4:6

Tight Lines and God Bless,
James Caldemeyer


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