Ray Vereen Lake Fork Report 3-8-08

Date: 03/07/08
Lake Fork Conditions
Surface Temperature: 50 – 55
Water Level: 403.56 – 7” high
Water Clarity: muddy / stained

Last year at this time the water temp was in the mid 60’s, and fishing was a little more consistent. The weather the last few days has been tough on us here at Lake Fork. We didn’t get a lot of snow, but we did get more rain which continues to keep the lake level high. This requires the SRA folks to let water out, and can impact the bite a little. However, once the fish get use to it, the bite should improve. The water clarity is the worst I’ve seen it in a long time. Plenty of rain and winds from multiple directions has turned the water brown all the way to the dam. From the last weather report from this morning, we should be in for a little warming trend and stable weather conditions. I personally have not seen any bedding activities yet. The water is just to cold still, but the fish are staging to come into the shallows. With that being said, you need to fish pre-spawn staging areas. Tree lines, creek channels bends, pond dams, and single big trees next to spawning flats are the key to catching some really nice bass. We have also been catching fish around grass beds on main lake and secondary points. The lures we’ve been catching fish on are jigs and flukes. I haven’t been fishing wacky worms, or cigar baits (senkos, tiki sticks and the such), but I been told they are working as well. The good news is the rest of March and then April are going to a great months for catching the spawn here at Lake Fork. If you haven’t made your plans yet, you better get to it as I’ve said before. Even though the current conditions might not be friendly to us, the bass are still biting. Numbers of fish may be hard to come by, but big bass are still being caught every day. If you can put up with the conditions, the rewards can be great. We have been using very slow presentations this past week to produce most of our fish. Here’s what we have been using.

Green pumpkin flukes with dipped end on a 1/8oz weighted Mustad hook fished slowly from the bank out to about 10 feet of water which has grass. Cast it, let it sink, jerk slowly, and let it sink some more. The fish are hitting it on the fall. Again, we’ve been working them very slow in 1 to 10 feet of water. Our best luck has come around grass beds with timber near spawning flats.

My favorite this time of year is the jig. It doesn’t produce great numbers except on a few occasions, but most of the time you’re going to catch nice fish. We’ve been fishing jigs along creek channels, secondary points and tree lines leading into the spawning areas. Find the biggest stumps you can, work every side, and hold on. Groups of isolated stumps near grass beds have also paid off.

Lures currently catching fish:
½ or ¾ oz Red or Crawdad colored Rattle Trap
3/8 oz Sour grape Viper XP jig with Zoom Salty Pro Chunk watermelon shad
Slightly weighted Green Pumpkin Super Fluke

I hope the above information will help you catch more and bigger bass on Lake Fork, and let me know if there is anything I can do to assist. I currently have the 13th and 14th open in March and some prime time April and May dates open for those a little late on their planning this year. So, if learning Lake Fork, catching big bass and having a great time doing so sounds good to you, then give me a call as soon as possible and schedule a Lake Fork fishing trip and get the dates that work best for you.

Well, the fish are biting-got to go.
Until next week remember,
Don’t catch ‘m all, let ‘m go, and let ‘m grow.

Contact Me @
877-347-4668 (toll free)

Enjoy life – always and thanks for reading,


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