Lake Fork Conditions 3-15-2008

I’m not being negative, just shooting it to you guys straight.

Water temp is perfect, low 60’s

Lake is nasty muddy. You are a hero if your pulling 6 fish a day right now, while 3 of those 6 may be over 5lbs you are not going to show up in the next few days and have 25 fish on that predictable fluke bite like last year at this time. The SRA thinks it is necessary to keep releasing water SLOWLY (I’m guessing to not flood down stream?) through all gates. I am not sure if and when they are going to stop since rain is in the forecast mildly Monday and Tuesday.

The traffic is horrendous right now during the day, as I am writing this (12:45am Saturday morning) 4 tournaments are going to be boosting off in a tad over 6 hours. I’m not sure why exactly they all scheduled the same day, but there is going to be some major competition for the text book spring holes tomorrow. Don’t expect to be standing on your “spawn” box and start pitching to beds in the next few days. I’m not kidding about the water clarity, it is nasty nasty.

If you are planning on coming down to Fork in the next 2 or 3 weeks and planning on giving it a shot at that ONE fish of a lifetime:

A.) Weekday, Wednesday seems to be our “turnover” day this year for motel customers. Monday and Thursday are the busiest weekdays. Saturday and Sunday are almost not worth fishing in my opinion. There is almost no where to escape the traffic, no stump is left unturned UNLESS you venture to shotgun pass or the far far north end on the east arm where the buoys don’t really mean much.

B.) Fish at night. We had some guys from Tennessee that hammered the night bite. 1/2 oz black blue Jigs and trigged black sapphire brush hogs in the popular day holes backed off in 10 foot.

C.) Fish SOUTH. If your planning on going to White Oak, Glade, Pension, North of the highlines in Birch ect you are fishing over territory already been covered 500 times by most of the guides, locals and regular week end warriors. The water will be cooler, but the pressure is tremendous on the north ends of both arms right now. (Not to mention the chocolate milk water clarity the farther north you go)



2 Responses to “Lake Fork Conditions 3-15-2008”

  1. FZ1 Says:

    Thanks for the hepful info.

  2. Richard Says:

    nice post

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