James Caldemeyer Lake Fork Report March 30, 2008

Lake Fork Trophy Bass Report
By Guide James Caldemeyer

The spawn is in full swing here at Lake Fork and some really big fish are being caught on a daily basis. Matt Yost from Martin Gas Co. can attest to that as he managed to top his personal best with a fish yesterday that weighed 10 lbs 2 ounces. There are a number of these big fish up shallow right now and they are accessible to the many anglers that are out on the water this time of year.
The wind has been the biggest factor the past few days, with 35-40 mph winds each day. This has made it hard to get out across the lake to certain areas that the fish are in and has made casting a bait to them even a challenge at times. The forecast is calling for the wind to calm down the next few days though. Water temperatures have been conducive for spawning activity at 59-63 degrees. The water clarity has been a big factor with some of the creeks being stained//muddy and some that are fairly clear to about 2 feet. Although there are still fish in the areas that are stained, I have been more successful fishing the clearer water that still holds good water temps.
Key areas to catch these spawning fish have been at the very back of the major creeks and pockets from mid-lake all the way north. With the lake fuller than it has been in several years, these fish are in virtually no water making beds. 5 feet of water or less has been the most productive. Wave Worm Tiki-Sticks http://www.wavefishing.com and flukes in green pumpkin or any watermelon color have been the best producers for me. I am rigging these baits weightless, slightly weighted or wacky style and am throwing them on a 7’2” Shimano Cumara Med. Hvy. rod spooled with 16 lb Gamma Edge fluorocarbon line. A 4/0 wide gap hook will do the job on the flukes and Tiki-Sticks when fishing them weightless and I am using a Mr. Blitz 4/0 Pinacky with a 1/32 oz. weight molded into the hook on my wacky rigs. The key to getting bites has been fishing these baits very slow. Texas rigged lizards and brush hogs are good choices as well for flipping the shallow grass and timber in these same areas.
As most of the fishing crowd is focusing on the spawning fish, you can also retreat to the points, creek channel edges, and first break line adjacent to these spawners to concentrate your efforts on some really nice pre spawn females that are staging. A ½ oz. white or white/chart. Talon spinner bait http://www.talonlures.com , ½ oz. jig, chatter bait, or big swim bait is my favorite for going after a real big one. Especially on the cloudy windy days.
These patterns will remain the same for the next few weeks as the spawn rolls along. The only thing that will change is the erratic springtime weather and with that the locations that are most productive one day, may not be the next. Pay close attention to the weather forecast. The changes that the weather makes from day to day and the effect it has on the lake will greatly increase your odds of catching that big one!
If you would like to book a trip for some great bass fishing on Lake Fork, feel free to give me a call at (903)736-9888 or email me lakeforktrophybass@yahoo.com You can also visit my website at http://www.officiallakeforktrophybass.com I would like to thank the good Lord & my sponsors for their support.

Read 1 Peter 3:18

Tight Lines and God Bless,
James Caldemeyer


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