Jimmy Everett Lake Fork Report 4-6-2008

Man the wind has been crazy the last week or more but the fishing has remain good with the exception of a few days where the wind so bad it made it tuff to get in to some of the areas I wanted to fish. Other than that the pattern and fishing has remained the same for the most part.

On the flats look for large areas of grass and sand mixed with some ditches or small creeks running through it located in 1-4 feet of water. For Flats fishing I like to throw several different baits to make sure I pick up every possible fish in the area. I like to start out with a Gary Yamamoto Swimsenko on a 1/8th ounce bullet weight. I will cover lots of area with this by just throwing it out and swimming back in on a steady retrieve. Once I feel like I have worked the area over and picked up the extremely active fish I will switch to a Gary Yamamoto Kut Tail Worm or Lizard. I will throw the lizard on the same rig as the swim Senko and crawl it along the bottom with slight bumps and short pauses. On the Kut Tail I will rig it up weedless on a 1/0 hook and a ½ piece of an insert weight stuffed in to the head of the worm. Work these baits slow with slight twitches and long pauses and pay close attention to your line to detect those subtle bites. Another bait that has produced very well this last week was the 5 inch Gary Yamamoto Senko. A few mornings and a couple of days this last week the wind has been light enough to throw one of these weightless over the same flats. Working them slowly with a twitch and long pause retrieve it has produced several very nice fish including some days over 20 fish. On all these baits I will stay with my natural colors such as the watermelons with any color flake, green pumpkins, and pumpkinseeds with a chartreuse dyed tail.

For those anglers looking for the fish of a life time to get out that flipping stick and spool it up with some 50lb braid. For those big females holding in the creeks I will pitching and flipping a Strike Works Tackle 1/2 ounce Wood Jig in watermelon/red or black/blue/purple with matching Gary Yamamoto Craws. Work the cover lining the creek very well and slow. Work down the creek and then turn around and work it back out. Watch and pay attention to what’s going on as the bites might vary from day to day. Work the creek channels in 6 to 15 feet of water for some good action. Another hot spot will be brush piles located in 8 to 15 feet of water. Work through these very slow using the jig like a texas rig. The bites are a little easier to feel like this but make sure you get the fish out of the brush as fast as possible after you set the hook.

I still have April 30th open along with May 1, 5, 11, 13,16 available with some other May dates for those interested. If you are interested in a professional Lake Fork Guide trip for any time give me a call at (903)-216-1867 and I will be happy to help or answer any questions that you may have. You can also catch me at http://www.fishinlakefork.com and email me from there. Gift certificates are available for any occasion.

Guide Jimmy Everett


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