Lake Fork Conditions 4-10-08

The lake was starting to get back to normal and we got another good hit of rain. Conditions are similar to a few weeks ago. Muddy, flood gates opened back up and low numbers. Seems like the average size of fish this year is a lot better than last spring and we are still seeing MANY fish full of eggs even in the upper end of Birch creek. I still think there are several Sharelunkers yet to be caught and we may even see a few into May. (after the program closes)

I am trying to keep the site as updated as possible, but many of the guides that post reports are fishing 7 days a week and have been for a month and a half so I figure I won’t hound them too hard.

If your planning on coming out fishing the most productive bait and pattern seems to be a trick worm in a variety of colors with a 3/32nd oz Falcon Weedless hook in 5-10 foot. A few guides and locals have switched over to the massive Netbaits T-Mac trick worm and have increased average catch size.

Tight Lines



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5 Responses to “Lake Fork Conditions 4-10-08”

  1. Richard Says:

    well done Cameron.

  2. Charlie Says:

    Appreciate this “real info”,thanks.

  3. Charlie Says:

    Appreciate the info,thanks.

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  5. Jack Says:

    Awesome report. I can’t wait till I can get back on the Lake.

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