Lake Fork Report Guide Brooks Rogers 5-15-2008

Lake Fork Reports
Week of 5.13.08

Fishing the past week most days has been great. Today was a little slower we only had 10 fish with the largest weighing 7.5lbs. Several fish were caught on Yellow Magic topwaters and the rest were caught on flukes fished around shallow weeds. Last week was excellent, everyday except for a couple we had 20 to 30 fish per day. Most fish were 2-4lbs and each day we would have one or two between 6-7lbs. The best patterns now I believe are fishing inside grasslines where there is a distinct inside edge between the shoreline and the hydrilla or millfoil which ever grass it is there will be fish especially on a distinct inside edge. Some of these fish are still on beds but many are just hanging around the bream beds and some are guarding fry. I am throwing an assortment of lures in these areas depending on the day. My favorite technique is the Yellow Magic but the other thing I like is taking a 6 inch lizard Texas rigged on a 1/16oz. weight and swimming it in the inside grassline. That is an awesome technique for post-spawn bass guarding fry. If it is cloudy and breezy a 1/4oz. spinnerbait with small willow blades or a Mann’s Minus one crankbait are good choices as well.

There are also some deep fish beginning to bite as well and that pattern should improve in the next couple of weeks. I normally don’t do alot of deep fishing till about June because there are plenty of fish for the next couple of weeks in less than 8 feet of water.

If you would like to book a last minute trip in May I still have these days open, May 15,28,29,30 and June is starting to fill as well. Check out my website at or call me day or night on my cell (903)780-0680


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