Lake Fork Guide Clint Wright Report May 29,2008

Kelly’s 10.40 certified at Lake Fork Marina by Cameron!

Another photo of Kelly’s 10.40!

A 6.10 Kelly caught!

Lake Fork Day and Night Guide Service

Guide Clint Wright


“Let’s go fishing”

20+ years of Lake Fork experience

Lake Fork Report: May 29, 2008

Lake Level: Fork: Full

Water Clarity: Main Lake is clear. Most creeks are clear too.

Water temp: The water temps have varied from 75 – 78.

Weather: Highs in upper 90’s this next week.

News: I am now offering a romantic lunch for you and your spouse. We will begin our trip at safe light and when we return to Oak Ridge Marina for lunch, the staff will have a table set with a white table cloth, candles, dozen roses, chocolate covered strawberries and wine if desired. This is a way to surprise your loved one and let them know how much we appreciate the time they allow us on the water. Also available is birthday, anniversary etc…
Here are open dates that I have for you for the upcoming month. May 31, June1 and 7, July 5, 6, 12, 13, 20, 26 and 27.
Joe at VJ’s baits in Winnsboro, Texas (a new tackle store) has a wide assortment of new baits that I and many pros are using to include the new Sebile Magic Swimmer. Call Joe at 903-342-3497 or 903-975-0358 for all your tackle needs.

Fishing Report
Lake Fork:
The fishing here at Lake Fork is great. Last Sunday during the Legend Tournament Ron Peterson of Gotcha Distributing, one of my sponsors and friend caught a 10.23 lb lunker winning him a new Legend boat. Ron caught his winning fish on a Revenge Jig and a Reaction Innovations Sweet Beaver. He was fishing one of my favorite holes where we have had many fish over 10 lbs. Congratulations Ron. After the tournament was over Sunday, I had the opportunity to take a lady angler fishing. Kelly caught a huge fish from the same area weighing 10.40 lbs. Kelly caught her fish on a Reaction Innovations Big Unit. This is also the same area that Hailey caught her 11.28 lb fish with me only a few weeks ago. It is neat how some areas just hold big fish.
Once the water warms up to 75 + degrees you will very seldom find me fishing less that 15 ft of water. By this time the fish that I am targeting have already passed the post spawn phase and now are beginning their early summer pattern. Here I am looking for points, ledges, humps etc. One key thing to target once these structures are found is brush. Luckily I took the time over the years to set out brush piles in key places. These brush piles provide a habitat for fish of all sizes and species. In these brush piles I use an assortment of baits depending on how the bass are set up on them at any given time. I like to fish the tops of the trees and brush first with a Sebile Koolie Minnow (deep diver). Then I will go with a Texas rigged Reaction Innovations Big Unit on a ¼ ounce weight unpegged. This light rig will actually stay on top of the brush and usually will not fall into it. Lastly I will use two baits to penetrate the brush and catch the fish that are buried in it. A Texas rig with a 3/8 to ½ ounce weight and a ¾ to 1 ounce jig will do the trick here. When fishing deep and around brush / trees I like to use 65 – 80 lb braid. Here we are NOT looking for small fish, this is where the lunkers live. With a braided line like Power Pro, when you set the hook and start to crank, they WILL come to the boat. This line is strong.
If for some reason power fishing fails to produce for you. Try a dropshot rig or a Carolina rig and use your electronics to find schools of fish on open water drops.
Folks the night fishing is about to be phenomenal. I usually don’t promise anything on any of my trips, but night fishing here on Lake Fork is usually a sure bet. Remember that I have over 20 + years of night fishing experience and safety is my number one concern. The air temps usually fall into the mid 70’s so this makes summer time night fishing very enjoyable. I have shown folks for years that by this time of year many of the fish we catch during the day have holes in their mouths as a testimony of catch and release. But the fish we catch at night very seldom, if ever have holes in their mouths solid proof that some fish are nocturnal and only feed at night. I try to compare trophy size Bass to a trophy size whitetail deer; they only come out to feed at night!
Good Luck fishing and feel free to call me anytime with any questions.

I would like to invite you out to Lake Fork on a professional guided fishing trip. All you really need to go fishing with me is a fishing license. I provide rods, reels, tackle etc. at no extra charge. Digital Photos of your fish will be taken and will be emailed to you at no charge.

Thanks to my sponsors Gotcha Distributing, Reaction Innovations, Revenge Jigs, Sebile, Arkie, Power Pro Fishing Line, Seagaur Fishing Line, Gene Lareu, Daichi Hooks, Custom Angle Moby bass rods, Oak Ridge Marina and Hideaway Harbor Marina. I must also thank the Texas Parks and Wildlife for their efforts in keeping this lake great.
Feel free to contact me anytime via email or by phone 903-918-9469 if you ever have any questions about Lake Fork or to book your next guided fishing trip on this fine fishery. I hope to see you soon!


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