Catch a large bass on Fork?

Yesterday an angler caught a 12.92 on a 1oz spinnerbait in deep water here at Lake fork. It was brought over to our place ( Lake Fork Marina ) because no one knew how to bleed the bladder. After the boat ride from the dam to the marina it was a lost cause and the fish was taken to the taxidermy.

ANYONE that needs a legal fish weighed day or night feel free to call me 24/7, if there is a bladder issue I can meet you at any boat ramp.

If I happen not to be in the area I can contact someone that is to weigh the fish or bleed the bladder. This is my personal cellphone so please do not call for reservations and such as I will not be at the office. 903-850-8894

There is no sense in losing true giants like this over something as simple as an inflated air bladder.

Tight lines-



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8 Responses to “Catch a large bass on Fork?”

  1. Charlie Says:

    Shame. Measure the fish, weigh it,take a picture and let it go right where you caught it.

  2. Richard Says:

    Ya, i’m with Charlie.

    Thats cool you put yourself out there to help these folks out when they land a big fish.

  3. Steve Says:

    If the air bladder needed to be relieved due to coming up from deep water, it wouldn’t have mattered if they had just measured, weighed and released and let it go right where it was caught……… it would not have survived.

  4. Michael Says:

    That’s a shame that such a nice fish was lost. Bleeding a bladder is something we all should know how to do. I believe more education on the proper technique to deflate the bladder is needed.

    As a response to Charlie and Richard, you guys need to remember, No matter if the fish is measured, weighed, picture taken and then released, A fish with with a distended bladder will not make it back to the depths that it came from. It will have to fight the full bladder and more than likely end up being a lost fish.

    Thanks for all that you do Cameron.

  5. Richard Says:


    you are right Sir.

    I’m comfortable with bleeding the bladder of a fish on the spot and releasing it on the spot. Still, if you are not sure of what to do the best thing is to take up Cameron’s offer.

    Keep them fish alive!

    I’ve filmed Cameron bleeding a Shareluker here.

  6. Michael Says:

    Good video. A video like that that showed the actual process would be great. Unfortunately with the way he had to work on that fish, not much could be seen but it is a perfect example of how much air can gather in the bladder. That was a lot of bubbles…

  7. Tritonman Says:

    Great work Cameron. Way to take care of those big fish.

  8. lfmfr Says:

    Thanks for all the nice feedback guys.

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