Jimmy Everett Lake Fork Report July 8th, 2008

Most of the fishing I have been doing has been scattered from deep to shallow water. Start by looking for shallow fish around the grass early in the major creeks or main lake points that have grass. If you like to start with a top water this isn’t a bad time to throw ones such as a pop-r type bait or frog up on the edges of the mats or pads. Once this bite start to slows start kicking out to some deeper cover.

Look for areas that are holding bait in the area. Most of the time you can see the shad hitting the top here and there. Look on your main lake points, humps, road beds, and deep creek bends in 12 to 25 feet of water. Once the area is graphed and you have found the fish and shad start by throwing a carolina rigged baby brush hog or creature type bait. I have been fishing these on a 1 ounce weight with a 6 to 7 foot leader. If you find the fish suspended, hitting the bait on the way in, or busting shad on top start throwing a dd22 and bouncing it off the trees or using a stop and go retrieve in open water for these suspended fish. Drop shotting a trick worm on a 2 to 3 foot leader will also catch you a few fish along with a weighted fluke fished in the different water columns very slowly. The weighted Fluke has been the ticket on those days the wind isn’t up.

If your fast enough try to keep a chrome trap around for the schoolies but you better be ready for them because they have not been staying up long.

I still have July and August dates available for those interested in some great summer fishing. If you are interested in a professional Lake Fork Guide trip for any time give me a call at (903)-216-1867 and I will be happy to help or answer any questions that you may have. You can also catch me at fishinlakefork@yahoo.com. Gift certificates are available for any occasion.

Guide Jimmy Everett


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