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Tom Redington Lake Fork Fishing Report August 27th 2008

August 27, 2008

Fishing patterns are starting to change at Lake Fork, as a couple good rains and cooler temps have some fish just starting on fall patterns. September is always a popular month on Fork, as the fall tournament season really cranks up. It’s perfect timing for tournaments too, because the cooling water turns on the fishing in both the shallows and out deep. September-November normally produces our fastest action on Fork for numbers, with lots of keeper sized fish chasing bait in the shallows, while big groups of bass school up out deep. Whether you like topwaters, spinnerbaits, and crankbaits up shallow or fishing with soft plastics and spoons out deeper, fall is a fun time to fish Lake Fork.

As a side note, for those of you looking for some direction for fall tournaments on Lake Fork, check out my September article on fall tournament strategies:

Lake Conditions: Cooler temps and some good rains have Fork in great shape heading into the fall. The lake level is currently reading 402.94’ (less than 1” below full pool). Most of the lake is pretty clear, with some stained water in the north ends. Water temps cooled significantly, reading anywhere from 81 to 85 in the main lake. As the water level has dropped this summer, the expansive hydrilla and milfoil beds are really matting up, which makes for good fishing in late summer and fall.

Location Pattern: Early and late, focus on grass beds in the main lake or near deep water in larger creeks. Deep structure like points, humps, and roadbeds in 18’ to 28’ continues as my main pattern during the day, producing both good numbers and size. Some days these bass are suspended and other days they’re on the bottom. Many of these schools have been small and are relating to a few pieces of isolated cover, so watch your depth finder closely. As the water continues to cool, look for lots of bass and some lunkers to come from shallow water, especially on cloudy and windy days

Presentation Pattern: As fall approaches, bass will start keying on shad and most of my lure choices and colors will reflect that preference. Shades of white or chrome are always good choices in the fall on Fork. In the shallows, topwaters are starting to catch fish early and late, as well as Fork Frogs in the lily pads. As the sun gets up a little higher, shallow running crankbaits, small spinnerbaits, and Lake Fork Tackle’s 3.5” and 4.5” Live Magic Shad swimbaits work better, especially on windy banks. When the bass aren’t in a chasing mood, switch to a Texas rigged watermelon/red or watermelon candy 8” Fork Worm or the new Hyper Finesse Worm with a 1/8th oz bullet sinker and work it over the tops of grass and along the edges. For bigger fish, a 3/8 oz watermelon red Mega Weight Jig with a matching Fork Craw or a TX rigged watermelon/red or Bama Bug colored Hyper Freak produce well when pitched to the deep weed edge.

Out deeper, Carolina rigs, drop shots, jigs, and Texas rigs are catching bass from schools located near the bottom on deep structure. I go with a green pumpkin or watermelon red 8” or 10” Fork Worm for my Texas rigs. Meanwhile, watermelon candy, watermelon/red, or green pumpkin Baby Fork Creatures, Ring Frys, and Twitch Worms are on the business end of my Carolina rigs. Drop shots will catch good numbers of fish and the occasional big bass, rigged with a watermelon or green pumpkin Hyper Finesse Worm. ½ oz Mega Weight jigs with matching Fork Craws are also catching some big bass out deep. When the bass are suspended, Fork Flutter Spoons and deep diving crankbaits in shad or yellow bass patterns are working better than the bottom presentations, and catching some lunkers too.

Here’s hoping you catch the lunker of your dreams. If I can be of assistance, please contact me at 214-683-9572 (days) or 972-635-6027 (evenings) or e-mail me through , where your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Good Fishing,



Finally Lake Fork is picking back up

August 19, 2008

I was beginning to wonder if the lake was ever going to come back, it has been literally a month since I have heard anyone PUMPED up about an exceptional day of fishing.  I’m happy to report there are FINALLY some monsters showing up.

First eyebrow raiser I had in month was when an angler brought in a 29″ 12lb bass, while she was somewhat skinny her frame wasn’t capable of being a 15lb fish.   10″ black power worm-

The next day there was an 11.59 caught by a guides client.  Hm…

We had a nice overcast and we had a 9.91lb and a 10.68 brought in within an hour of each other.  With these cooler temps and slow showers I’m hoping the fishing will start being more predictable.  Most of the larger fish seem to be in 10-15′.  Berkley 10″ power worms are the ticket-

Just an update, catch a hawg

James Caldemeyer Lake Fork Report 8.17.2008

August 19, 2008

Lake Fork Trophy Bass Report
Submitted August 16, 2008
By Guide James Caldemeyer

The fishing on Lake Fork has been crazy this month. Between the 100+ degree days and the rains coming and going, it has kept the bass on a rollercoaster of feeding patterns. One day the fishing is great and the next it is a challenge to get a consistent bite. Regardless, there is always an opportunity to catch a “monster” bass on this amazing fishery and you can expect the fishing to become better as September comes and fall rolls in.
The lake is currently sitting at 402.97, which is right at full pool. This great news as we get closer to fall and will contribute to another season of tremendous fishing. The water clarity is fairly clear to somewhat stained in other areas due to recent rain. Surface temperatures have been ranging from 88-93 degrees.
The shallow to mid-depth bite has been consistent early and late in the day. I have been targeting main lake points and secondary points at the mouth of the creeks in depths from 10-16 ft with good success. There is a lot of deeper hydrilla on the lake right now. If you can locate some good deep grass with baitfish present, you are in business! Best baits have been top waters like a yellow magic, chug bug, or zara spook jr in any variety of shad patterns. Wacky worms and Texas rigged 10” worms fished along the outside edges of the grass beds have been great as well. Best colors are watermelon red, chartreuse pumpkin, plum, and june bug. The jig bite has still been good as well. If you have tried Talon’s football jigs and like them as much as I do, you need to try the “grass jig” as well. Its unique head is great for penetrating the grass and getting down to where the fish are. I like to use the Willie’s weed color, Watermelon candy, PB&J or Texas Craw with a matching trailer.
The deep fishing has been good too and you will find some large schools of bass out in the depths this time of year. Points, humps, roadbeds, and submerged pond dams in 22-32 feet of water are great places to look at with your electronics. Once you have located a school of bass, pay attention to their relation in the water column to the bottom. This will give you a better idea on your fish approach. If the fish are on or near the bottom I like to throw a carolina rigged trick worm, french fry, or creature bait like the new “Scorpion” from Wave Worm. Best For equipment, I use a 7’6” Heavy Shimano Crucial rod/reel with a 1 oz. weight, a 4-5 foot leader, and a 3/0 wide gap hook. I also like to throw the Talon football head jig out deep, in the same colors as above, when the fish are on the bottom. For fish that are suspended, the fishing is a little tricky but you can still catch them on a drop shot rigs, deep diving crank baits and big jigging spoons. Working these baits through the fish while keeping an eye on your front graph can be very rewarding when the fishing conditions get tough.
If you would like to come out to Lake Fork and catch some trophy summertime bass or plan a great fall fishing trip to catch that trophy, feel free to give me a call at (903)736-9888 or you can email me at You can also visit my website at I want to thank all of my sponsors for their support and the good Lord for giving me strength!

Check out Psalms 3:1-4

Tight Lines and God Bless,
James Caldemeyer

Jimmy Everett Fishing Report 8-13-08

August 14, 2008

Fork fishing is on the rise after a slow time. The fishing is coming back strong with much better numbers and size. Most of my fishing is being done on the main lake in mid depth of water which to me is from 12 to 22 feet of water. I am only using a hand full of baits to catch my fish and it seems like you have to move a lot as you will get 2 to 6 fish off a spot before it is done and ready for a break.

I have been fishing on the main lake for the most part staying on points, humps, pond dams, and brush piles. Use your graph to locate the fish scattered on top of the structure and start throwing till you feel you have covered the area well enough. My best bait has been a texas rigged 10 to 11 inch worm rigged on a 3/8th ounce weight and a 4/0 hook. My best colors have been plum, plum apple, blueberry, and watermelon/red. Work these baits slowly along the bottom and work every piece of cover you come across very well with long pauses. The bites have almost all been very hard and easy to tell when you get a hit. In the same areas I have been catching some numbers and size on a carolina rigged baby brush hog in watermelon/red with a chartreuse dyed tail. I am fishing it on a 7 foot leader and a 1 ounce weight. Once again being slow with it has been a big key to catching fish.

I have also caught a few fish on the outside grass lines on a lit texas rig with a 7 inch worm in the the same colors as above. These edges are located in 6 to 10 feet of water. Try working the bait through the area and any underwater points or holes along the edges.

Also look for some nice fish schooling so keep a trap or shallow running chrome crank bait tied on for some of that action. The big thing is to keep the rod close and ready to fire since they aren’t staying up very long.

I still have August and September dates available for those interested in some great summer fishing. If you are interested in a professional Lake Fork Guide trip for any time give me a call at (903)-216-1867 and I will be happy to help or answer any questions that you may have. You can also catch me at Gift certificates are available for any occasion.

Guide Jimmy Everett

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