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Lake Fork Report Guide Clint Wright 9-8-2008

September 9, 2008

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Guide Clint Wright


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Lake Fork Report: September 7, 2008

Lake Level: Fork: 4” below full pool

Water Clarity: Clear to stained

Water temp: The water temps have varied around 80 degrees.

Weather: Clear to partly cloudy this week, with highs in the upper 80’s.

News: The McDonalds tournament is this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Stop by and see me at Froggy D’s (sporting goods store on Hwy. 17) during the tournament dates. I still have October 20 and 21 open. The next dates I have after that are in November and December on Lake Monticello and Lake Welsh (3 months until the spawn on these two fine lakes, so book your trip now!) Always feel free to call and check for open dates.

Fishing Report
Lake Fork: The fishing here on Lake Fork has been through some very different conditions the past two or three weeks. With Hurricane Gustav dropping the air temperature from 90 – 100 to 60’s at night and 70’s during the day. I think the bass believed fall was already here. Thursday, the fish were in 2 – 3 foot in the very back of the creeks. These fish were schooling and chasing huge groups of shad. Lipless bait’s worked here with the occasional strike on jerk bait’s. Friday we fished all night without a bite. That was very odd for this time of year, but the sudden drop in water temperature was sure to have an affect. Saturday the fish were eating a drop shot in 20 foot of water. Today we caught a few fish early on a Sebile splasher. After that the bite was just here and there. We had one really big fish eat a new Gene Larew El Salto Special in Montezuma Revenge. After a short battle she broke the 25 lb. leader of the Carolina Rig. Today the wind was very calm. Many of the schooling fish were located way away from any cover or structure. One minute they are here, the next they are 300 yards away.
For those of you fishing the McDonalds tournament this coming weekend, this is what I would do. I would start out with a Sebile Splasher 90, any shad color will work. Fish this right on the edge of the hydrilla mats located all over the lake. Once the sun has topped the trees, switch to a Revenge Jig and a Gene Larew El Salto Special (12 inch worm). These two baits have the capability of talking these big fish into biting. You will have to play around with the color selection. Around the grass I would be spooled up with 65 – 80 lb Power Pro braid, in open water 25 lb Seaguar Fluorocarbon. Use the splasher on a 6’6 medium action, Custom Angle Moby Bass rod. With the jig and worm use a 7’ heavy action Custom Angle Moby Bass rod. If you want to throw the worm Carolina Rigged, use their Carolina Special. The action, performance, durability, sensitivity and hook up rate of these fine rods are unprecedented.
Some areas of the lake that you might find some good fish are Wolf Creek and Chaney Point. If you venture to Big Caney or Little Caney, find ledges and humps that are loaded with big timber. My brush piles are not holding a lot of numbers, but the ones that are there are giants! Remember; do not let the grass dictate where you fish, not all the big ones are relating to it.

I would like to invite you out to Lake Fork on a professional guided fishing trip. All you really need to go fishing with me is a fishing license. I provide rods, reels, tackle etc. at no extra charge. Digital Photos of your fish will be taken and will be emailed to you.

Thanks to my sponsors Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Gotcha Distributing (Dealer inquiries-contact Ron Peterson at 903-856-8083), Reaction Innovations, Revenge Jigs, Sebile, Arkie, Power Pro Fishing Line, Seaguar Fishing Line, Gene Larew, Custom Angle Moby bass rods (owner Dave Settle).

Feel free to contact me anytime via email or by phone 903-918-9469 if you ever have any questions about Lake Fork or to book your next guided fishing trip on this fine fishery. I hope to see you soon!

Guide Clint Wright
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James Caldemeyer Report 9-8-08

September 9, 2008

Lake Fork Trophy Bass Fishing Report
Submitted on September 8, 2008
By Lake Fork Guide James Caldemeyer

September is a great month for catching big bass on Lake Fork and this year will be no exception. As fall rolls in and the weather starts to cool the bass will become more active in their regular feeding patterns and you can expect some very productive days on the water.

The water conditions on Lake Fork are great right now. We have lots of water with levels sitting just a few inches below full pool. The water clarity is fairly clear in most areas with some off colored water in other areas. Water temperatures have been ranging from 80-84 degrees.

With all the shallow vegetation and cover available to the fish this year you will find many fish that are moving into very shallow water to feed. As fall comes in, the shallow patterns will become increasingly more productive early in the day and late or all day on cloudy days. The top water bite has been pretty good lately with white buzz baits, shad colored yellow magics and watermelon/pearl Wave Worm Tiki Toads being the most productive. Fishing these baits up in the matted grass, lily pads, duck weed and over the submerged hydrilla will draw some huge blow ups. Finding areas that have good vegetation is not difficult but the presence of bait fish is the key. The bass are following these schools as they move into the shallows and the more bait you find, the more bass will be with them. Wacky rigged trick worms and Texas rigged 8 or 10 inch worms with a 1/4 to 3/8 oz. pegged weight fished in the grass on the bank out to 12 foot on main lake and secondary points at the mouths of the creeks is also producing well. Best colors have been watermelon red, watermelon candy, june bug, plum, and blue fleck.

The deep fishing is also great this time of year on Carolina rigs, Talon football head jigs and spoons or shad pattern DD 22’s. During the day, fishing out deep is where you will find the big ones and large groups of fish as well. On the Carolina rig, I am using a 1oz. weight and 4-5 foot leader rigged with a 2/0 or 3/0 wide gap hook on 20 lb. Gamma Edge fluorocarbon line. Best baits have been centipede or fry type baits and Wave Shaddicks in watermelon colors. Look for schools of fish on your graph to show up on main lake points, roadbeds, humps, and pond dams in 16-24 foot. If the fish are on the bottom, the “jig and rig” pattern is best. Otherwise, if the fish are suspended, you will want to pick up your crank bait or a spoon. There are also a number of fish hanging around the bridges schooling during the day and they can be caught on wacky worms, flukes, spoons, and tail kickers fished around the pilings.

For those of you that are coming out to fish the Mc Donald’s Big Bass Splash this weekend, I wish you a safe and productive day on the lake. Remember to handle the fish you catch with care to ensure more tremendous fishing for the future and use Sure Life’s Catch & Release or Please Release Me formulas in your live wells when transporting your fish to the weigh in. If you get the chance, come by and say “hello.” I will be at the Shimano booth during the tournament. You can also check out the new Curado and Citica reels that just came out. I have been throwing the Curado for the past week or so and I can tell you that it is an AWESOME reel!

If you are interested in booking a Lake Fork guide trip for some spectacular fall fishing, feel free to shoot me an email at or you can call me anytime at 903-736-9888. I have a limited amount of dates available for October or November so get in while you can. You can also visit my website at to find lots more great info about Lake Fork.

Thanks to my sponsors for their support and to the good Lord for giving me strength and the provisions to make “all things possible.”

Read 2 Corinthians 5:21

Tight Lines and God Bless,
James Caldemeyer

Lake Fork turn over

September 7, 2008

Lake Fork is in for some tough fishing for the next week.  North end of the lake is brown and bubbly…smell of rotten eggs can overwhelm you early in the morning.  The rain and lower temps from the remainder of hurricane Gustav is to blame.  Lowest water temp I have seen has been 75 degrees…

This is about 3 weeks earlier than it has been the last few years…a tad bit worried about how this will impact the McDonalds Big Bass Splash.  This happened during the McDonalds in 2006 (I believe) and a 9lber ended up winning the tournament.