Lake Fork September Overview

Just thought I’d pass along why I haven’t been posting many reports recently.  Honestly the fishing has SUCKED up until the last few days.  The water was a consistant 87-90 and there was some very predictable patterns…well a week before hurricane Ike blacked Fork out during the McDonalds Big Bass Splash the north end of the lake began to turn.  People will disagree with me but the north end had the smell, color, foamy muck and there were some decaying corpses floating that had been on the bottom for a long time.

After Ike water temp fell to a low of 72, which confused me on what exactly to try…the temp drop came too fast and I really don’t think anyone had a pattern pegged for a week and a half.  There were some good sized fish coming out of the south end up shallow, but the numbers were few and far between.  SCATTERED

I can finally say with confidence the fishing is turning back on and the fish are falling back to the normal fall routine, only problem I have had is finding a place that isn’t covered in bait.  The lake could really use a good shad die off this year, can’t remember the last harsh winter die off we had but it is a wonder the bass eat at all with the football field shad schools everywhere.

Really looking forward to the fall pattern kicking in.  I don’t think any guides or locals will disagree we are going to be seeing some very fat pigs pulled out over the next month and a half.


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One Response to “Lake Fork September Overview”

  1. Jack Says:

    Great report Cameron. You better find where those fish are before I get out there for thanksgiving so you can take me fishing.

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