Terri Moon Lake Fork Crappie Report 10-12-2008

Nice crappie

Nice crappie


Welcome to the report site Guide Terri Moon, she has been THE crappie guide on Fork for years.  You can find her contact information at the bottom of the page. 

Well, it’s finally here -October!-  (my favorite ti me to fish!)  The mornings are cooler and the crappie are showing up on the points of the mouths of the creek arms and on the channels and secondary creeks.  They have been as shallow as 6 foot and as deep as 18 foot around the bridges and brush piles.  We’re also finding them in the mouths of coves in 20 to 28 foot of water one to three cranks off the bottom.  These fish haven’t bunched up yet so you will need to move around to have a productive day.

Also, light conditions and water clarity will make a difference on what color will produce a strike.  So don’t be afraid to change up colors to see what will work for that time of day.  The different colors we’ve been using have been the “Bobby Garland” (by Gene Larew), “Baby Shad” in bone white with chartreuse, the green tomato, and natural cricket.  Then in their “Slab Slayer” – it’s been the Electric Chicken, orange with chartreuse or black with chartreuse.  All of these colors have worked throughout the day.  You can rig these on either a 1/16th oz jig head or 1/8th oz jig head.  In the brush piles I’m using just one jig, but in open water or bridges I am rigging 2 jigs about a foot apart.

I’ve found the bonus of these biats is that I’ve not only caught crappie on these but some really like yellow bass.  They really like the  brighter color “Slab Slayers” and I double rig these and bounce them off the bottom in 20 to 26 foot of water.   We’re finding them on humps and on the flats at the mouths of coves.  With the double rig it is not uncommon to catch them two at a time.  What could be more fun than that?  I hope you all find the time to enjoy Lake Fork’s October and November prime fishing months!

Also if you are out and about be sure to stop by at Lake Fork Marina, they have a huge assortment of all your crappie fishing needs.  My best to all of you and hope to see you on the water.


Terri Moon 903-383-7773  Full day $300 (1 to 2 people) Half Day $200 (1 to 2 people)


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4 Responses to “Terri Moon Lake Fork Crappie Report 10-12-2008”

  1. big dave/david Says:

    my wife an i are from lubbock texas an we love to crappie fish.would like to know weater permitting if you will be working the first week of janurary

  2. David Drake Says:

    Hi Terri, would like to schedule full day for crappie on March 20,09(my wifes birthday). Is it too early to schedule? Would rather not compete with bass fisherman during a tournament, is there a better time. Will want to get a room at the Marina.

    • lfmfr Says:

      This is not Terri Moon’s site, she simply does fishing reports for us at Lake Fork Marina. You can reach her at 903-383-7773

  3. Bob Protzman Says:

    Terri, If I go CRAPPIE fishing with you can I catch a “TWELVE” pound bass too? I sent Johnny G. a note and told him to start CRAPPIE fishing.

    Missed seeing you this last trip. You were the talk of the marina. Saw your suburban, but no Terri

    Hope all is well- see you sometime soon I hope

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