Right now is the time to be here…

If you have been waiting for Fork fishing to take off…you should be here now.  Size isn’t the game right now, but you can SLAY numbers in the backs of creeks on wacky worms and 3/8oz Yo-Zuri Rattl’nvibes 

I was fishing the Ghost Shad color and was out catching guys with me throwing Red Crawfish.  Once they switched we had 2 triples and several doubles.  Nothing over 21″ but a lot of good 14-17″ fish.  We had 38 fish in 3 hours, the majority came in a 1 hour span around 3-4pm.  We had several fish throw up threadfin shad the same size as the yo-zuri rattl’nvibes. 

I haven’t been able to repeat the outstanding day we had, once those shad moved out so did the fish and they haven’t been there since.  BUT you can throw the trap and cover water in the back of nearly any cove holding grass and catch scattered fish all afternoon, very north end of birch has been outstanding lately…even with the muddy water.


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One Response to “Right now is the time to be here…”

  1. Richard Says:

    It’s been killer and I think today is going to be sick. I’ll probably head out this evening for a bit.

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