Lake Fork Fishing Report Guide Clint Wright 10/20/2008

Lake Fork and local Hot Water Lakes: October 20, 2008

Lake Level: Fork: Full

Water Clarity:  Clear to stained

Water temp: The water temps have varied around 70 degrees.

Weather:  Clear to partly cloudy this week, with highs in the upper 70’s.

News: Lake Fork is cooling down and the hot water lakes are heating up! If you are looking to learn any new techniques or just go out and have a great time, give me a call. The hot water lakes here in East Texas are giving up great numbers of fish, not that the air temp has started cooling down. This past week, 40 – 70 bass per day were common with one 11.00 lb trophy caught.

Fishing Report

Lake Fork: Lake Fork fishing has been on one day and off the next. This is the reason I start booking trips in October on the local hot water lakes. These trips last until the middle of February. The days that the fish are biting on Lake Fork are great. Most of the fish that we have been catching are in the back of the creeks gorging on threadfin and gizzard shad. Two things you must have this time of year is grass and shad. If you find a mixture of these two, you will be in business. Throw a Sebile Flatt Shad or any lipless bait (shad colored) with a high speed reel and burn this bait over the grass and along the breaklines. I like to use 65 lb. Power Pro braid on a Custom Angle Moby Bass Rod in a 7ft. Heavy action, the parabolic bend in this rod is very helpful here. This bigger line makes fishing the grass easy. It will cast a country mile as well.

There is the occasional deep water bite to be had too. Here I use one of my custom painted spoons, a Revenge jig or a swim bait. The two things to look for here is shad and a major depth change. Good electronics are a must for this presentation to work. This is your eyes under the water to help eliminate useless water.

Guide Clint Wright
Fork Day and Night Guide Service


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