Lake Fork Marina Mascot chowin down

Just a dull Saturday morning, about to go hit the lake for a couple of hours…went out Friday with a friend.

Ended up with 25 in under 3 hours, 3/8oz yozuri rattlnvibe in baby bass. Not the best color but it was the closet to threadfin shad I had in stock at the marina. smile No monsters, but would have had a mean tournament bag. Big fish are not turning up at all really and I have quizzed tons of people.

Everyone that is struggling for a bite is fishing the south end, the key for me for the last couple of weeks has been finding ANY grass, dirty water and backing off from the bank. 7-10 foot slow. Been pushing up threadfins with the trap nearly everywhere I have fished. Some freaky fat short fish.

Covered a lot of water and my partner and I constantly had fish. Very scattered

DD being spoiled:


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One Response to “Lake Fork Marina Mascot chowin down”

  1. Will Says:

    Thanks for the nice report!

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