Lake Fork Report 10-25-2008

Went out from 9:45 to 11:45 this morning and decided try and find some new fish.  All three holes I stopped at produced fish, most in the 12-14″ range and had 2 slots that were 18″ and 18.5″, ended up with 17 and left fish biting.  Just find a grass line and go to town.

I feel like a broken record giving similar reports over and over…but A LOT of people are struggling and there is absolutely no reason you can’t go out and have an exceptional day of fishing.

3/8 oz Yo-zuri Rattlin Vibe in Ghost Minnow or Baby Bass.

I threw a bill lewis 1/4oz for a while and didn’t have a strike…tried the slightly larger 5/8oz Yo-zuri and no luck.  If you are looking for the 3/8oz Rattlin Vibe try and find them around your home lake or on the internet.  I am sold out and I bought the only 2 on the lake I could find for my personal stash.


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