Lake Fork Guide John Tanner 47.58 5 Fish day 10-31-2008

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November 1, 2008

Hello from the great Lake Fork.Water level about one foot low 402.1 water temp 66 degrees water clarity about 2 foot.

November is starting off with a bang! It looks like it is going to be an awesome month and the big ones are starting to bite as the fall patterns go into full swing!

Yesterday I had the pleasure of taking Mat and Nathan Dailey and boy did the big ones crank it up! It was a total blessing,I praise the Lord for such an awesome day. After fishing the shallows the first hours with not much luck we headed for a little deeper water and I looked at an area were we had been catching some pretty good fish in the afternoon hours. As a matter of fact I had Mat and Nathan with the day before and we saw several big fish on the graph there but couldn’t make many of them bite. Well, it was a different story today. We immediately starting catching fish. Nathan caught a low end slot fish on a Talon Football head jig and I then made a cast to the other side of the structure with my Carolina rig and had a bite. I felt the fish moving off with my bait and set the hook with my Shimano Crucial Rod and the fight was on! Once we landed the beast it weighed over 10 pounds. After we calmed down Nathan was hooked up again and after landing a few more nice slot fish up to 6 pounds on the Jig he then hooked another big mama. She weighed over 9 pounds. Wow what a morning ! We had some lunch and then went back out on the pond. I was headed back to the spot were we caught those big ones and decided to check another spot close by before we made the long run. Well, it paid off right away as Nathan went back to work with the Talon Jig and landed 3 nice slots in the 4 and 5 pound range. Those fish played out and we turned on the Lowrance and checked the other side of the ridge and spotted a good sized group of large fish hanging on a tree on a break line. Well up until then Matt hadn’t caught a fish. Nathan was putting on a clinic from the back of the boat. I guess Mat had enough and started wackin some big ones himself. He made the perfect cast and hooked into a monster. He landed this hog and she weighed over 10 pounds and was nearly 25 inches long. Man we were having a blast. After taking some good photos, and releasing the big girl back to the waters of Lake Fork we re grouped and lined back up on our spot. Mat fires another cast and unbelievably hooks up again. This time the fish was coming to us and thought she was in the 6 pound range. WRONG! She changed directions and came to the surface and jumped and yet another whale! This sucker was fatter than the first one Mat caught. We finally wrestled her into the net and weighed her in at 10 pounds 6 ounces! We had to sit down a minute and get ourselves together. We headed to the marina to get a certified weight on her and take some better photos. Well with time left we hit one more spot. The fish were stacked in there at the mouth of a creek along a little tree line.7 fish in 9 cast on the Jig! After that we kept fishing and in the course of the next half hour we caught 6 more bass in the 4 to 6 pound range. I guess you could say the jig bite is on! What a day and I cant say enough about my buddies Mat and Nathan. They have fished with me several times over the last few years and today was by far the best day so far. Oh yea thanks for helping me try to recover the rod and reel that I knocked off of the deck of my Ranger Boat this afternoon. If any one drags up a Shimano 7’6” Crucial with a Calcutta 200TE DC mounted on it PLEASE let me know. I miss it dearly! Fishing on Lake Fork isn’t always like this but when things get right it can be so awesome.

Lake Fork is a special place and is loaded with monster bass. The set ups we were using today was pretty simple. We were Carolina rigging and dragging a football head jig. Once we started smacking them on the jig though it was hard to put it down. On the Carolina Rig we were using 20 pound Gamma and a 12 to 14 pound Leader using Gamma Edge Flourocarbon and a one ounce Tru Tungsten weight. The leader was 4 foot and the hook was a Mustad 2/0 wide gap Ultra Point. On the jig we were using a ¾ ounce Talon Football head Jig on 16 pound Gamma Edge Fluorocarbon. In the grass in the mornings you can catch them froggin and also using a white buzzbait. Look for creeks off of the main lake with a lot of grass in them. Check for bait fish and go at it for the first hour or so. You can continue to catch them shallow during the day on wacky worms and senko type baits but again having a good concentration of shad in the area is key.

I know it is deer season but if you want to catch some Hogs November would be a good time to be here. If you would like to book a trip with us call toll free 1-800-865-2282 or drop us a line at For more booking info click on the trip info page and for a look at some happy folks holding their Lake Fork giants, click on all of the pages of the photo section.

While you are in the area be sure and visit the folks over at Diamond Sports Marine our local Ranger Boat Dealer. Tell em Tanner sent ya. They carry a full line of Ranger Boats rigged with Yamaha Outboards. Awesome bass fishing machine. Schedule a test ride in the new Z-520, they are unmatched!Good fishin and God Bless,
John and Robin Tanner

Many thanks to my sponsors.

Good Luck if you are headed this way and if we can help out in anyway give us a shout. Please pray for our country as well as our men and women of our armed forces. Also keep my Mom in your prayers as well as The Pughe family. I got a message from Joel today and he said his wife had undergone some cancer testand were to get the results today. He said it had been a tough couple of weeks. Please keep them in you prayers. Read Galatians 6:9



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6 Responses to “Lake Fork Guide John Tanner 47.58 5 Fish day 10-31-2008”

  1. Jack Says:

    Awesome fish!!!!!

  2. Miguel Says:

    Holy tamales! I like to catch some fish big with you tambien. Si ?

  3. Luke Skywalker Says:

    What an wesome day on the water!!!!

  4. Brian Says:

    Where do I sign up?

  5. Lake Fork « The Fishin’ Blog Says:

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  6. Mike Kostial Says:

    Real nice Pig’s!! They grow em big in Texas. Got some toads here in southern Ca. as well. My two biggest are 15,6 & 18.4 caught on 9″trout swimbaits. The fishing is good here but I love the people in Texas & I love Lake Fork. Haven’t been there for 8 years since we moved from Mo. to Ca. due to my wifes job. She forced me to retire at 55!! Ya gotta love that! So i fish 4 days a week both fresh and salt water. I have always been a big bass chaser. Even in Mo. I caught 48 over 8 lbs & a 9.4 at Table Rock. My biggest at Fork is 10.9 but I had one straighten my 2/0 hook in Little Caney that would have easily pushed 16 or better but thats just fishing. So anyway we just purchased 1.9 acres on White Oak Creek right at the channel swing at the 22′ depth. We will move there in the near future and build a nice home. For me you can’t get closer to God than when you are on the water. I’ve had some real heart felt prayers in the early morning mist. So Mr. Tanner I wish good health to you good & your family .& God bless.
    Hard Hits & Soft Taps,
    Mike Kostial”Swimbit” my handle

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