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November 25, 2008

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Lake Fork Report 11-24-2008

November 24, 2008

Fishing is really tough right now, had a 7.20 an a 3lber Saturday and blanked Sunday.  I did not hear of any exceptional reports.  Finding deep fish but no bites-

No trap bites to speak of, only 2 fish I caught were in a 20 minute window on a main lake point in 12 foot on half oz spinnerbait in white/chart

Good luck

Tom Redington Lake Fork Report 11-17-2008

November 17, 2008

Lake Fork Report: November 17, 2008

The fall fishing really turned on this past week at Lake Fork with the long awaited end to our warm temps. Even after the cold fronts, numbers of bass have been good to great. Big fish have been hard to come by for my customers and me lately, with regular catches of 5 and 6 lb bass, but we haven’t been landing many 7 or bigger for the past few weeks. I know some of you don’t want to hear me complaining about “only” catching 5s and 6s, but that’s the warped reality we live with at Fork. Big fish have started coming into the marinas more regularly again, including double digits in the last few days, so I expect the big bite to return now that the water is cooling again. Until then, we’re having a blast catching loads of quality bass shallow and deep as they feed up for winter.

With the holidays just around the corner, I do have gift certificates available for those looking for a present for their angling buddies. 2008 has been another super year on Fork, with the lake being full and in great shape for the coming season. Prespawn starts in late-December, so it won’t be long until my favorite lunker time of the year is here, January through March. If you’re looking for a fish of a lifetime, prespawn is the time to head to Fork.

As a side note, my new November article on fishing Shaky Head rigs is now on my website: .

Lake Conditions: Nearly 4” of rain and frequent cold fronts are rolling over Fork, which seems to have turned on the fishing. The lake level is currently reading 402.42’ (about 7” below full pool). Most of the lake is clear despite the rain, with some stained water on the north ends. Water temps are dropping with the cool nights, reading from 61 to 63 in the main lake on Sunday, while we found temps in the creeks as low as 57 early in the morning.

Location Pattern: Both the shallow and deep fish have bit well some days this past week, but the best pattern depends on the day. Fishing shallow grassbeds on the main lake all the way to the backs of major creeks has produced a lot of fish. Early and late and all day on cloudy and windy days, I’m focusing on shoreline grass, openings in clumps of grass, and the inside weedline. When the sun gets up, concentrate on the deep weed edge in 8’ to 15’. Key on points, inside turns, and along ledges and you’re likely to find more fish. Most of the shallow fish have been in groups, so you’ll fish for a while without getting a bite, and then catch several in a small area. I’m also catching bass back in the coves along creek channel bends. For the deep anglers, concentrate on main lake structure in 18’ to 33’ and you can load the boat when you find them. The best areas and depths change daily, so you’ll need to do some scouting to find the schools each day. Watch your graph closely and key on schools located tight to the bottom if you can find them, because they are normally easier to catch than the suspended schools.

Presentation Pattern: During fall, bass key on shad and most of my lure choices and colors reflect that preference. Shades of white or chrome are always good choices in the fall on Fork. In the shallows, I’m using smaller baits that are about the size of the shad I’m seeing. I’m throwing these lures on the new fluoro/mono hybrid line from Lake Fork Tackle called Fluorohybrid FH. Its zero memory and tiny diameter allow me to boom casts way out there, even with finesse baits. Shallow running crankbaits and lipless cranks, small spinnerbaits, and Lake Fork Tackle’s 4” Hyper Worm are all working well, especially on windy banks. When the bite slows, weightless rigged Magic Shads and Live Magic Shads in shades of watermelon or the Magic Shad color are catching less active fish. Work these slowly with a few twitches and a long pause. For bigger fish, a 3/8 oz watermelon red Mega Weight Jig with a matching Fork Craw or a TX rigged watermelon/red or Bama Bug colored Hyper Freak pitched to timber or grass on points or along creek channels are your best bet.

Out deeper, Carolina rigs, drop shots, and jigs will catch bass from schools located near the bottom on deep structure. Watermelon, green pumpkin, or purple haze colored Baby Fork Creatures, Baby Ring Frys, and Magic Shads are on the business end of my Carolina rigs. Drop shots will catch good numbers of fish and the occasional big bass, rigged with a watermelon or Bama Bug Hyper Finesse Worm. When the bass are suspended, Fork Flutter Spoons, and ½ to ¾ oz slab spoons are working best.

Here’s hoping you catch the lunker of your dreams. If I can be of assistance, please contact me at 214-683-9572 (days) or 972-635-6027 (evenings) or e-mail me through , where your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Good Fishing,


Trent Menees Lake Fork 11.41 certified *video*

November 16, 2008

Great fish!  Grats Trent!


Trophy Hunting Time on Lake Fork

November 11, 2008

Searching for that one monster?  Now is the time to get here.

It is noon 11-11-2008 and we have had 3 3/4″ of rain at the marina.

The jig bite is on, of course you are not going to average 50 fish a day like you can up in the shallows but talking with some anglers that came in for lunch the monsters have moved up in 10-15 foot and holding TIGHT to cover.  3/8oz 1/2oz black and blue jigs accounted for several FAT fish including a 9lber that was 21 3/4″ long and 20 1/2″ around.  That is a football.  I saw the photo over a customers cellphone and it was an absolute freak.

Going to try and make it out for a couple of hours this evening, I’ll throw out another report if I have any luck.

Lake Fork Fishing Report from Guide James Caldmeyer

November 5, 2008

November is here and the fishing on Lake Fork during this month is AWESOME! As the bass prepare for the coming winter, you will find plenty of feeding activity on all parts of the lake and have an opportunity to catch some real giants.
Water conditions at Lake Fork are good with most of the lake fair to clear and lake levels at 402.25 about 9 inches low. Temperatures have been ranging from mid to upper 60’s lately and even low 70’s on the warmer days.
The bass fishing over the past several days has been up and down. One day you go out and catch high numbers of some real nice fish and the next day struggle for a bite in those same areas. I attribute this to the continuing fluctuation in temperatures. As we get away from these 80 degree days and the weather the cold fronts move in, those big bass will put their feed bags on.
The shallow bite has been good from the mouths of the creeks to the backs of some of them. Top water frogs, buzz baits and poppers have been good early and late. Wacky worms and Tiki Sticks are also doing well in the grass. Best colors have been watermelon red and green pumpkin. Shad colored shallow running crank baits, chrome lipless cranks and spinner baits are also catching fish up shallow slow rolled over the grass. Especially on wind blown grass beds with baitfish present. Good grass and the presence of shad are key in finding the bass in the shallows.
The deep fishing for those big Lake Fork trophies is also starting to kick into gear. Deep humps, road beds, points, ridges and old pond dams in 16-30+ feet will all hold schools of fish feeding on shad, bar fish and even crappie this time of year. When the weather cools, the fish will be ganging up on the deep structure areas and gorge! If you are on one of these spots at the right time, you can load the boat with some pigs!! A carolina rigged centipede, creature bait, or fluke rigged on a Shimano 7’6” rod with 20lb Gamma fluorocarbon line, 4-5 foot leader and a 2/0 or 3/0 wide gap hook is what I’m using. Best bait colors have been watermelon red, green pumpkin, sour grape or chart. pepper. The Talon 3/4 oz. football head jig is still catching a lot of big fish out deep so you’ll want to keep one of these tied on at all times. They will catch some of the biggest fish in the school. The Talon 3/8 or 1/2 oz. “T-spoon” jigging spoons will also catch some big fish out deep as the water temperatures cool off in the fall and even into winter.
November is an excellent time to be on the lake while all the deer hunters are in their stands. There is less pressure on the lake and the fish are biting. If you would like to book a guide trip, I still have a couple of November dates left. You can reach me at (903)736-9888 or shoot me an email at . You can also check out my newly redesigned website at for more information about Lake Fork.
Just a couple of reminders…If you are interested in making reservations for a 2009 spring trip to Lake Fork, don’t wait until it’s too late. Get your plans together and contact me ASAP. My spring dates are diminishing quickly. I also have gift certificates available for the upcoming holidays if you are interested in sending your special someone out to Lake Fork for a guided fishing trip. They make a great gift for your “fishing enthusiasts”!
I would like to thank the good Lord for giving me strength, and to my sponsors for their dedicated support to those who love to fish and for supporting me. Please pray for Lane Gergely as she battles her illness.

Read Acts 2:38

Tight Lines and God Bless,
James Caldemeyer