Trophy Hunting Time on Lake Fork

Searching for that one monster?  Now is the time to get here.

It is noon 11-11-2008 and we have had 3 3/4″ of rain at the marina.

The jig bite is on, of course you are not going to average 50 fish a day like you can up in the shallows but talking with some anglers that came in for lunch the monsters have moved up in 10-15 foot and holding TIGHT to cover.  3/8oz 1/2oz black and blue jigs accounted for several FAT fish including a 9lber that was 21 3/4″ long and 20 1/2″ around.  That is a football.  I saw the photo over a customers cellphone and it was an absolute freak.

Going to try and make it out for a couple of hours this evening, I’ll throw out another report if I have any luck.


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2 Responses to “Trophy Hunting Time on Lake Fork”

  1. Richard Says:

    Yep, its gettin’ to be that time!!!

  2. George Says:

    Fishing, it’s good 😉

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