Lake Fork Marina Fishing Report Photo Contest

I am in the process of amassing a ton of photos of bass from Lake Fork. All photos will be uploaded to: Lake Fork Marina Photo Gallery and viewable by anyone.

It doesn’t matter how old the photos are, the fish just have to come from Lake Fork. Each photo gets assigned a number, and drawn from a hat at random. So the more photos you submit the better chance you have to win. Please keep it to decent quality photos, scanned photos are game as well- I would love to add some photos of the lake before it filled-

The size of the bass doesn’t matter. You can email them to Please leave your name and where you can be reached.

The winner will get 1 free night in the motel along with a boat slip good until Feb 26th of 2009. Contest ends 12/24/08, will announce winner on Christmas day.

Good Luck!!

UPDATE: We have a ton of photos being sent to our email! – Thank you all so much.


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