January 3, 2009 James Caldemeyer Lake Fork Bass Fishing Report

Lake Fork Trophy Bass Fishing Report
Submitted January 2, 2009
By Lake Fork Guide James Caldemeyer

January is here! I hope the “New Year” finds each of you healthy and blessed. I know that I have been eager with anticipation for 2009 and expect another great year of fishing on Lake Fork. The lake is in great condition and awaits each angler that is coming out in pursuit of some tremendous fishing this season.
Lake Fork water levels are currently at 402.16 which is about a foot low from full pool. The water temperatures are ranging between 47-53 degrees in most areas of the lake and the water clarity has varied from clear to stained depending on location.
With the weather being so unpredictable lately the fishing has been up and down which is normal for this time of year. One day the high temperature is 75 degrees and the next it is 45. This makes the fishing kind of tricky but it can be very rewarding also. You aren’t going to catch a lot of fish on most days but the bites that you do get will be good quality ones with the potential to tie into a true LUNKER!
From this time of year through late February and even into March the patterns will remain relatively the same. Good shallow grass beds located in 2-8 ft of water on main lake points, secondary points and even into the backs of the creeks are key areas to target as well as the main creek channels and ditches leading back into spawning areas. Water temperature is also a key factor. Keep an eye on the surface temperature where you are fishing as most of the fish will congregate towards the warmest water they can find. Fishing the grass with 1/2-3/4 oz. lipless crank baits in red/orange, red/gold or even red with some chartreuse in it are great but anything red some red in it will be the best choice of color. Cover a lot of water with this bait to locate the fish. Ripping the bait off the grass will produce some big reaction strikes from pre-spawn bass feeding up in preparation for the coming spawn. When the water temps dip down into the 40’s, and on calm sunny days, a suspending jerk bait fished over the grass slowly can be very productive for those fish that are too cold to want to move far for a meal. Fish it SLOW with long pauses between jerks and hold on! My favorite colors are black, gold & orange or clown. Another great choice of baits is a jig!! People always ask me what I would fish if I was them and in search of that fish of a lifetime. Historically the jig has always been a “big fish” bait and is no exception on Lake Fork, especially in the spring. I keep a 3/8-1/2 oz. Talon flipping jig tied on my Shimano Crucial flipping rod with 20 lb. Gamma Edge fluorocarbon at all times. Once you have located an area that is holding fish, methodically flipping each piece of timber in that vicinity may get your arm jerked. The fish will hold tightly to the trees so precise flips are important. I like to use dark colors like black/blue, black/blue/purple, black/brown/red or sour grape with a black or green pumpkin trailer.
If you are planning to head to Lake Fork this year and would like to book a guided trip, I still have a few dates available for the spring. Feel free to shoot me an email at lakeforktrophybass@yahoo.com or you can reach me by phone at (903)736-9888 to make your reservations. I would be honored to serve you and make 2009 a fishing year for you to remember!
For those of you have not had an opportunity to get by and see the new 2009 line of Ranger Boats, go by and see Ben Hogan at Diamond Sports Marine on Hwy 154 at Lake Fork. If you are in the market for a new boat and have not yet ridden in the new Z520, stop by and take a test ride in what I consider the “ultimate bass fishing boat”!

Read Matthew 11:28

Tight Lines and God Bless,
James Caldemeyer


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