My new personal best on Lake Fork 12.14




Thought I might have had a sharelunker last night, but I was still over 3/4 of a pound short of the 13lb mark.   But beat my old personal best by just under a pound. 

Caught her around 10:15pm in the cold.  My friend and I were throwing 5/8oz yo-zuri rattl’n’vibe traps in red craw.  She slapped it on the first few cranks and didn’t put up much of a struggle, I have had more excitement from 4lb fish to be honest.  Pretty neat, we didn’t have a net and didn’t need one…I was really in shock at first because I was kind of thinking I had a catfish.  It was hard to estimate her size, but I knew she was a good one…put her on a check-it stick to make sure and she hung off the end (25″)

My friends boat has a livewell that doesn’t work out of water so we motored in the dark back to the marina to weigh her.   A good while later (no spot light) we arrived and figured out that both of our video cameras and digital camera were in the truck back at the place we trailered to. (Shall remaind nameless)   Luckily we had a laptop at the marina and we got a few nice photos and a short video off the built in webcam.

Thanks to John Tanner and James Caldemeyer for turning me on to this sick trap bite.  (Both are on some toads!)

Oh and also, thank you to all my MANY sponsors: Mom, my stepdad ken, my girlfriend Pamela, my granny and papa…oh and to the IAB for supporting me during the tough times as an “internet angler” on the Texas Fishing Forum.   hahaha



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6 Responses to “My new personal best on Lake Fork 12.14”

  1. mike Says:

    That is a great fish. My biggest is like 8.25 or so.

  2. rRmax Says:

    Sweet brother. Sounds like you’re in the right circles to get that SAL one day soon.

    Randy “Rmax” Maxwell

  3. Rmax Says:

    Sweet Brother. Sounds like you’re runing in the right circles to get that SAL one day soon.

  4. Ted Bloch Says:

    Way to go Cameron. What a beauty. Congrats. First time I have seen the new do. Wish I had the guts to do that.

  5. Miguel Says:

    Awesome dude !

  6. Tommyc Says:

    Super job Cameron. That is a hellava fish dude.
    That hairdo is rad

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