Lake Fork Crappie Report by Guide Ray Vereen

The crappie fishing at Lake Fork is still on. The only problem lately is getting on the lake without 25mph+ winds from one direction or another. The good bite is in the open water / dam area on points, humps, and roadbeds which are very hard to fish with the high winds. Now, when you can get out there and locate some fish, the live well gets full pretty quick.

Last time out was last Sunday. I bass fished for a while and had had some nice bass on black and blue jigs, and started crappie fishing about 2:45pm. The sun was setting, I had 20 crappie in the box, with 8 nice 12 to 14 inch crappie, and the rest 9 to 11 inches. Here’s a picture of the bigger ones.

If you’re coming to Lake Fork for some crappie fishing, just be careful if the winds are blowing. Well, be careful all the time. You might be wondering a few things, so I’ll see if I can cover most of them.

The crappie we’ve been catching lately have been in 35 to 42 feet of water, we’re using 2 – 1/8 oz Crappie Buster jigs, char/blue and yellow/drk blue in color, and we’re using both vertical and casting presentations depending on conditions. While vertical fishing, a slow rise of the jigs off the bottom to no more than 5 feet up, and then a slow ‘controlled’ fall back to the bottom worked best for us. Most of the bites came on the drop back to the bottom. For the casting method, we would cast as far as possible, let it hit bottom, slowly reel 3 to 5 times, and let it fall slowly back to the bottom. Again most of the bites would come on the fall. During the search for some crappie, I took some pictures of my graph. Here’s what I see when I throw a buoy.

Notice the following 2 pictures and the fish marked on the slope vs the fish marked in the creek.

There’s a big difference in the number of fish isn’t there. Funny enough, I’ve found that the fish on the slope will bite better than the fish packed into the creek. Or maybe they’re just easier to catch. I like working from the bottom vs trying to locate the depth I need to suspend the bait over the creek fish to get bit.

If I can assist in your next crappie trip at Lake Fork, just give me a call. Gas is down among other things, and I feel there is a need for a break. So, I’m discounting crappie trips. Full day or until limit is reached for 1 or 2 persons is 200.00, and half days are 150.00. Come on out and enjoy a day on Lake Fork.


Lake Fork’s Fish On Guide Service


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4 Responses to “Lake Fork Crappie Report by Guide Ray Vereen”

  1. Leon Thompson Says:

    Ray, I would lke to plan a guided trip of one day of fishing (crappie) for me
    and my son-in-law. I live in Arkansas . My son-in-law is a resident of
    the North Dallas area. I got your name from a friend of mine who was on
    an outing with you a few weeks ago. (Harold Jones)

    Please let me hear from you .

    L. Thompson

  2. Robert Smith Says:

    Ray is a great guy to fish with and will put you on the fish with no doubt.I have had the times of my life fishing with Mr. Vereen. Everyone looking for a guided trip on Lake Fork should contact Ray.

  3. drew attaway Says:

    Ray, I need to hire a guide for a date in May. Crappie fishing will be what we need. Please contact me for details.

  4. Rusty Sellers Says:

    Mr. Ray my wife and I would like to come fish in late May. For a day of crappie fishing. Would love to hear from you. Need a place to stay also. I live in Louisiana. Thx Rusty Sellers

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