Lake Fork Guide James Caldemeyer Bass Fishing Report 2-6-09

February is always an exciting month for fishing on Lake Fork! I anticipate this month to produce at least one, if not more, Share A Lunkers (over 13 lbs). Lake Fork always offers the opportunity to catch giant fish but from now through May your odds are greatly increased. These big females are moving shallow to feed regularly in preparation for the spawn. Needless to say, being on the water right now can be very rewarding regardless of the weather conditions!


Lake Fork is in great shape right now. Water levels are currently at 402.08 which is about a foot low. Surface temperatures have been hanging in the high 40’s lately and barely breaking 50 degrees in some areas. I expect the current forecast of warm days and nights to get those water temps back up into the 50’s and holding steady. This should really get the fish moving up. Water clarity has been stained and off-colored in a lot of areas up north from the wind and clearer mid lake to the south end.


The best patterns for catching one of these Lake Fork monsters have remained relatively the same. Red lipless crank baits are producing best and should be a staple bait for anyone fishing the lake this month. Crawfish patterns are working well in a number of color combinations as long as it has red in it. We have caught some fish lately on shad patterns and the good ole chrome/ blue back trap too so don’t count them out. You have to experiment with several different colors and sizes to figure out what they will eat best on any given day. The 1/2 oz. or 5/8 oz. sizes have been best on the shallow grass beds and warmer conditions. When it cools off during these fronts I have been switching over to the bigger and slower rattling 3/4 oz. You can get it down to the top of the deeper grass better and crawl it along when the fish back out during a front. Best depths are 2-8 ft. Main lake and secondary points leading into the creeks are good places to start looking and even into the backs of some the creeks when the water is warmer. Deeper drains and ditches adjacent to spawning areas are key spots to find big fish.

Another great way to catch a giant bass on Lake Fork this time of year is a jig. People always ask me, “If you could only have one bait to fish this lake and catch big fish, what would you throw?” Definitely a “JIG”! Especially during the pre-spawn period. These female bass crave anything that resembles a crawfish this time of year. I use a 3/8 oz. to 1/2 oz. Talon flipping jig in black/blue or black/blue/purple with a matching trailer. Once I’ve located an area that is holding fish, I like to flip every piece of timber in the area especially those that are close to the deeper creek channel edges in 10-14 ft. Flip every tree, stump, and lay down while focusing on the shady side of the cover. Don’t get in a hurry either. Just flip it in there and let it sit with little or no movement. The bite won’t feel like much a lot of times but if you pick up on it and it feels mushy, set the hook!



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4 Responses to “Lake Fork Guide James Caldemeyer Bass Fishing Report 2-6-09”

  1. Thomas Benson Says:

    Thank you for your report on Lake Fork me and a close friend of mine name Sham will be on the lake on the 23 thru 27 of February, our plans is to have a good time on the lake get a way work and the cold temp of Chicago. If we happen to catch a lake fork lunker or two that would be a plus.

    P.S. I check the site from your report on the lake daily thanks again fell free to E-mail me some hot spots.

  2. Juan Miguel Says:

    Holy Tamales!

  3. thefishin'blog Says:

    @Thomas Benson

    Chicago?!?! Just came back from there and ya, it’s cold as heck..

  4. lfmfr Says:


    thx for coming by the site! just give me a call here at the shop (Cameron) when you guys are on your way and I’ll hook you guys up.

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