Lake Fork Guide Gene Snider Report 2-12-09

I have been fortunate enough to go  fishing with Gene dozens of times over the last few years, no one has  taught me more about night fishing and the importance of slowing down your presentation than Gene.  Gene has been fishing Fork for years and is one of the last original guides still in the business, if you are wanting to learn about the Lake and find some unique holes you should give him a shout.


Feb 12, 2009
Adventures on Lake Fork Guide Service
Professional Fishing Guide Gene Snider Since 1980
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Well… were in the middle of one of the best months on Lake Fork to catch a fish of a life time. February has always been one of my favorite months to fish and also one of the most frustrating months due to the changing weather, but at the same time I’ve had 8 fish between 12 and 13 lb’s in the boat over the years in February and one over 14 lb’s caught over 15 foot of water humping (or buzzing) the water with a black spinner-bait with tandem copper blades… what a lot of fishermen don’t realize is that as the days get longer and the water temp start to turn around not all of the fish head to the bank to find warmer water, they will suspend up in deeper water just under the surface against tree limbs or up against a stump soaking up the warmer surface water.

I pick up on this pattern years ago in January of 1986, Lake Fork had reach pool level and everyone was having a hard time catching much of anything, including myself. I had been fishing anywhere from the bank back out to fifteen feet on the edge of creek’s, but I kept noticing fish suspended over deeper water on my graft. One morning having one of my regulars in the boat I decide to pull up on a point in 35 feet of water and we started pitching jigs to large trees and started to catch fish over 35 foot of water and they were only 5 foot down in the tree tops and on sunny days they would sink back down to 15 feet sometimes more, these fish hadn’t headed to the bank they just move up vertical to the warmer surface water.

This pattern has held for me for 23 years now and yes I do hit the banks fishing back out to 10 foot throwing moving baits and have caught some big fish, but If I’m looking for that one fish I’m going to stay off the bank and look for fish that are holding out before they move up to spawn. My pattern in February is to start out on the bank fishing reaction baits then move out to try to find that one fish that is holding off the bank. Hope this gives you another way that you can fish Lake Fork beside’s running the bank’s, and if you like to book a trip give me a call.

Best of Luck to you on your next trip to Lake Fork.

Gene Snider


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