Lance Vick Lake Fork Report 3-1-09

Lake Fork is on fire, the big ones are shallow
first spawners are doing it right now
water level is about a foot low, water temp is 55-62 but rises quickly.
water color is stained to clear

One of the great things about Spring time is the heavy duty
winds and stormy weather,you say thats crazy Lance,
Well during these events two things come into play
Bass spawn in out of the wind areas and BIG BASS bite during fronts.So take these two events and use them to your advantage
Dress right (watch the lighting)find areas out of the wind and fish slowly .
For the report right now the bite is great early and late
and since they are on the beds the bite is good during the middle of the day sight fishing.

For areas and lure presention,
It is Spring and the bass are spawning right now, so look for flats with warmer water
and plenty of cover wood, and grass,having a creek channel near by is very important.
We have been locating fish with two lures a Vision Lure spinner bait and 5 inch swim baits.
once we go thought a area and get a few bites we go back thought with the work horse lure this year.
A Diamondback Rattlesnake rigged weightless on twenty pound line and a 6/0 ewg hook,and covering the area
very good. this lure has the right size and profile and fall rate to get the big bite .Colors that work best
are real shad and killer green pumokin when it is cloudy and watermelon red and watermelon chartruese when the
sun is out.Lake Fork is the KIng of weightless worm lakes the cover and size of fish make this lure presenation
shine.Get out to Fork, we have a little catching up to do to put Conroe back in her place ,,Good Fishing

See Lake Fork video report for more info

I still have my 08 boat for a great price call for more info 903-312-0609


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One Response to “Lance Vick Lake Fork Report 3-1-09”

  1. Bill Reed Says:

    Nice, useful info! My first time on this site. I will take your suggestions on tackle for my trip to Rayburn for Will Kirkpatrick’s Big Bass fishing school March 22-27.

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