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Post Spawn DD22 bite has started

April 29, 2009

Finally heard the first report of someone having a productive day on DD22’s. 2 guys were trolling 515 roadbed and picked up 18fish over 4lbs, with only 2 of those over 7lbs. Still a tad early and other patterns are working, but the post spawn fish are starting to get out.

Had a 10lb 10oz fish reported today, angler said it was off of a excite baits swimbait in the mouth of birch in 8 foot.

Fishing was great, but the wind made almost every boater come in off the lake early today.


Topwater is here…

April 28, 2009

Grab your yellow magics early, it is on 🙂

Lance Vick Lake Fork Report April 24, 2009

April 25, 2009

Lake Fork Report on video go to
Lake Level is full water temp is 63 to 70
Bass are in Full spawn,
Best areas pockets and coves (out of the wind ha ha )
1 to 4 foot of water .
weightless worms rigged wacky and texs rig ,Grande Bass rattle snakes in the watermelon red and green pumkin and watermelon.
Fish Wacky Ratllesnakes around standing timber and alligator
grass fish texas rig in heavy cover hydrilla and holes in the shallow water.
Sight Fishing is off the wall, Look for fish behind and in front and underneath alligator grass and around stumps and hydrilla Catch’em with and Texas rig 4.5 bubble gum Rattlesnake
or white or pink Black Angel jig with a white mega chunk.
Good fishing to everyone.

Flathead fishing is on

April 24, 2009
Guide Kenneth Jones

Guide Kenneth Jones

Guide Kenneth Jones is turning some heads out here with some amazing flathead catches. This time of the year you see a few here and there, mostly in the 20-40lb range…but 3 days in the row producing a 50lb plus is just an awesome feat. He said every one of these were males and the females usually move up later…so weather permitting he expects to have this predictable pattern for at least a few weeks.




85lb Lake Fork Flathead *VIDEO* 4-21-09 caught by Guide Kenneth Jones

April 21, 2009

This is a MASSIVE Lake Fork Flathead.

Check out Gator’s website here

Lake Fork Trophy Bass Survey

April 21, 2009

Lake Fork Trophy Bass Survey

Trophy bass entries in the Lake Fork Trophy Bass Survey peaked for the
year at 191, but this represents less than half the average for March
(2003 – 2009). The contribution of weighed fish over 10 pounds along
with the percentage of measured fish over the slot are similar to
previous years so the size makeup of the trophies last month is on par
with what we have come to expect. March’s trophies included 2
ShareLunkers; Kenneth Shane’s 13.28 pounder and Bill Sweeten’s 14.43

We have noticed evidence of decling angler interest in the Trophy Bass
Survey over the last 6 months. Fishing pressure observed in creel
surveys from June through November 2008 was similar or slightly higher
than the same time period in 2007. Angler fishing pressure this
last winter (December 2008 – February 2009) was at about 75% of the
previous year’s level, which could also contribute to the reduced number
of trophy entries. We have experienced some pretty rough weather and
lots of wind during winter and on into the spring. These factors appear
to have combined to reduce angler entries.

So what can be done to reverse this trend? Promotion, promotion,
promotion! The more anglers know about the program, the more likely
they are to participate. We’d like to encourage you to let your
customers know about the program so we can keep the survey going. We
believe that anlgers are more likely to participate in the survey when
trophy bass ledgers are displayed in a prominent place such as next to a
cash register.

The Lake Fork Trophy Bass Survey is a unique program which has been
responsible for reporting over 9,800 fish over 7 pounds in a little over
6 years. The program provides great exposure for the lake and
participating businesses and TPWD. The survey has provided excellent
supplemental data that has provided invaluable insight into the
performance of the 16- 24 inch slot.


Kevin Storey
Inland Fisheries District 3B
Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
2122 Old Henderson Highway
Tyler, Texas 75702

Lake Fork “Over”

April 18, 2009

Grats to Mike Worley, he had this nice 24″ fish pre fishing for a tournament. A day early!

Lake Fork Swimbait season has started

April 17, 2009

Berkley Hollowbellys 5 and 6″
3:16 Rising Son
3:16 Mission Fish
Huddleston Deluxe 6″ weedless and regular (currently waiting on an order of 6″ weedless, been the best seller for a while)

3-8 foot slow retrieve

John Tanner Lake Fork Report April 12, 2009

April 12, 2009

This week here at the great Lake Fork the patterns remain much the same as the spawn rolls along in stages. It looks like the spawn is going to be spread out because of all of the fronts we are having here lately. With the rains and cooler temps the fish will start pulling up and then back off some until the next warm up. There are although a few areas where they are hitting the beds pretty hard. These areas are very protected and will not get much run off from the rains and also not much wind keeping the water clearer. Much of the main lake spawning activity is yet to come and I look for it to be much like last year and continue on into May. I am glad it is spreading out, we wouldn’t want it all to be over in a week or two now would we! It should be awesome the next few weeks if the weather will give us a break. Despite the craziness we are still catching some good fish out of the grass in front of the spawning areas. Wacky rigged Berkley Sink Worms are still a great choice for wacky worming in the grass beds along the spawning flats. Lake Fork has a ton of these areas and once you locate the sweet spot within them you can hammer the big ones. Here are the baits I am keeping rigged on my All Star Rods and ABU Garcia Reels. I am using Berkley Heavy Weight Sink Worms in watermelon/red, green pumpkin and blk/blue flake. I am rigging these wacky style on 15 pound Berkley Trilene 100% flouro carbon line. I am also throwing one of the Berkley Hollow Belly Swim Baits in the spawning areas when I see baitfish working the area. Slow roll this one over the bedding areas and over the shallow grass beds. I like the Tennessee Shad color and I have been rigging it on 17 pound Trilene !00% fluorocarbon. This bait will draw some big strikes from some big mamas so hang on tight! I have also been catching some good ones on a texas rigged Berkley 4” Chigger Craw in green pumpkin color using a ¼ ounce Tru Tungsten bullet weight. Pitch the Chigger Craw on the grass edges and on the trees in the shallows. The swimming action of the bait is awesome and don’t forget to pull the pinchers apart before you use it to give it maximum action. On the bedding fish when we are sight fishing I have been using a 3” Berkley Power Tube rigged Texas style and also a wacky rigged Sink Worm in the Breen color. It is a new color and I have caught a lot of fish on it lately. I have had some bed fish I couldn’t get much of a response out of and then pitch the sinkworm in there rigged wacky style and WHAM they would hit it on the first cast as it was falling into the bed. It is a blast when you can see them inhale your lure! With my Oakley fishing specific eyewear I can see them when a lot of folks cant. They are the deal! On windy days try a Chatterbait in white and fish it over the shallow grass. They will plow this thing on days when it is too windy to fish the wacky’s and it also is a good bait to cover water with in search of a new group of fish. On Lake Fork in the spring you will find little small areas that will hold a big group of spawners. Covering water quickly is key. Once I find them with the chatter bait or the Berkley Hollow Belly Swim Bait I will then slow down and fish the other baits thoroughly through the area to maximize my catch. If you are in a big flat and get a bite put a waypoint on it and stay in the area and fish it for a while. Or if you don’t have a Lowrance unit with a GPS so you can waypoint and keep your spot just throw out a marker bouy. Chances are you will catch several more fish that are ganged up there as they spawn. Yes the spawn is still going and the best is yet to come so come on out and join in on the fun! Speaking of fun be sure and sign up for the Lake Fork Bounty Bonanza tourney while you are here. Someone may hit it big! Go to for details. Remember for all of your fishing needs and to get any of the above products mentioned call or go by Lake Fork Marina. You can even by on line at

While you are in the area be sure and visit our local Ranger Boat dealer Diamond Sports Marine. Tell Tanner sent ya! They carry a full line of Ranger Boats powered by Yamaha and be sure and check out the Z-520 Ranger. Schedule a test ride today!

Hopefully these tips will help you catch the bass of a lifetime. If you would like to book a guide trip here on Lake Fork call us toll free at 1-800-865-2282 or drop me a line at From the beginner to the expert we will make your trip to Lake Fork one to remember. We even offer services for cooperate outings. Be sure to check out all of the pages of the photo section to see a ton of happy folks holding their Lake Fork trophies!

Please pray for our troops and their families as they sacrifice every day for our freedom. Also pray for my Mother as she is now battling some other health issues. God Bless and remember He is Risen! Read John 3:16.

Lake Fork is ON! April 11, 2009 Fishing Report by Guide Tom Redington

April 12, 2009

Despite very windy conditions (often 25 to 40 mph) and cold fronts passing through every few days, a lot of big fish moved up during the past week. Best of all, you can fish for quantity or quality right now. While good numbers (20 to 40 fish/day) can usually be caught in the shallows by throwing soft plastics, most of these fish are male bass that are 5 lbs and less. My customers and I backed off and fished a little deeper (5’ to 15’) on points and grasslines and had a very good week for size. Although we didn’t get a double digit fish, we managed to catch fish over 7 lbs on every trip this week except yesterday (Friday). We did catch one fish over 7 lbs on a bed, but all of the rest of our big fish came out deeper on spinnerbaits, crankbaits, lipless crankbaits, jerkbaits, jigs, and Texas or Carolina rigs. Lots of fish are spawning on the north end of the lake, while the south end is just getting started, so there should be a few more weeks of good spring fishing.

I expect the spawn to continue into early May, as it does most every year on Fork. By the end of April, many fish will already be in post spawn and early summertime patterns. As those females feed up after the spawn, the result is our most consistent fishing of the year for numbers of quality fish in the 3 to 7 lb range, with a shot at a 10+. That means topwaters early or all day on cloudy days. After that, it is deep water structure fishing the rest of the day on possibly the best structure fishing lake in the country. So if your plans don’t allow you to take advantage of the spawn this year on Fork, don’t despair, you can still enjoy what most locals consider the best fishing of the year on Fork—May through July.

Lake Conditions: The lake level is currently holding at 402.82’ (about 2” below full pool). Strong winds muddied large areas of the lake over the past couple of weeks. Much of the upper lake is stained, while the south end has good visibility in some areas. The milfoil has really greened up and is spreading in coverage quickly, while the hydrilla and lily pads are just starting to grow. Water temps rose and fell all week, with temps in the mid-60s in protected pockets, while the main lake was running from 59 to 63 on Friday.

Location Pattern: For prespawn and staging fish, key on points and along edges of flats or creek channels. Basically, look for the first drop off or cover adjacent to spawning flats. Areas with submerged vegetation for cover will typically have the most fish, although wood has produced some good fish lately too. Main lake grass beds near the mouths of these coves are holding some fish, as are main and secondary points inside the coves. During warming trends, follow bass back into the creeks and check the edges of grass flats and creek channels. After the fronts, drop back to deeper water adjacent to where the fish were before the front and you’ll quickly relocate them. For spawning fish, look for protected bays in the north end of the lake or at the very backs of major creeks. As the water continues to warm, bass will start spawning nearer the mouths of creeks and in deeper creeks. The main lake flats are typically the last areas to spawn, often as late as early May.

Presentation Pattern: For prespawn bass, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, lipless crankbaits, and chatterbaits are still catching big fish, especially on overcast and windy days. With lots of stained and muddy water, bright color schemes that include some orange, chartreuse, or red have worked best. For a big bass, go with a ½ oz chatterbait with a watermelon/red/pearl 4.5” Live Magic Shad trailer and swim it in the same areas you throw a trap or spinnerbait. On calm days, you’ll typically do better by switching to a suspending jerkbait or pitching a jig and a Texas rig. Go with gold or clown colored jerkbaits on cloudy days, while silver color schemes work better on sunny days. Work these baits with a few twitches and long pauses. For a real prespawn monster, pitching heavy cover along the first breakline and creek channels is the way to go. I go with a 1/2 oz Mega Weight black and blue or green pumpkin jig with a Lake Fork Craw trailer in the blue bruiser or watermelon candy colors. For the Texas rig, I’ll pitch a Lake Fork Flipper, Top Dog Lizard, or Hyper Freak in black neon, green pumpkin or watermelon/red with a 1/8 to 3/8 oz bullet weight and slowly work it around cover. I throw these on 65 lb braided line and a heavy action 736C model Dobyns Rod to horse those brutes out before they tangle me up.

For bass that have moved onto spawning flats, we’ve been able to catch great numbers of fish on weightless or wacky rigged soft plastics. The Lake Fork Trophy Lures Zig Zag, rigged with a weedless wacky hook and a small nail weight in the nose, has been killer most days. I also like the 4.5” Live Magic Shad rigged on a 5/0 Ultimate Swimbait Hook for big fish in the shallows, fished with a short swim and long pauses. When it gets tough and the bite is slow, downsize and go with a 3.5” Live Magic Shad on a 3/0 Ultimate Swimbait Hook or wacky rig a Hyper Finesse Worm and you’ll still be able to catch good numbers of fish, although the fish size will run a bit smaller on average. Shades of green pumpkin typically work better on cloudy days, while I normally switch to the watermelon colors if the sun comes out. I’m throwing all of these baits on the 7’ 3” medium heavy power Dobyns 733C model rod. This long rod will launch light soft plastics a long ways to skittish shallow fish, but still has enough power to make a hook set at the end of a long cast and to fight them out of heavy cover. I normally fish these rigs on low stretch 17, 21 or 28 lb PowerSilk line (use lighter line in calmer, clearer water with less cover), but I’ve been experimenting with a new prototype line lately called Fluorohybrid Extreme. This line has all of the best properties of the standard Fluorohybrid line—low memory, high abrasion resistance, and small diameter—plus it has much lower stretch so it delivers a lot more feel. This line will be ideal for techniques that require a lot of sensitivity, like worms, jigs, and dropshots. Look for it to be available in a few weeks.

For spawning bass, white or watermelon Top Dog lizards, Flippers and Craw Tubes work great. White baits allow you to clearly see your bait on the bed, while more natural shades of green are often needed to catch the more finicky bass. Many spawning areas have water that is too muddy to see bedding fish, so pitching Texas rigs and weightless soft plastics to any wood cover and holes in the grass will catch the spawners that you can’t see. In addition, a Carolina rig on 21 lb PowerSilk with a 12” leader and a 3/16 to 5/16 oz weight is deadly when worked in 3’ to 8’ for beds that are too deep to see and for females waiting to move up. I put a Top Dog lizard, Magic Shad, or Zig Zag on the hook and it consistently catches big fish. Work your bait very slowly and keep it in place on the bottom for a long time or you’ll pass up all but the most aggressive fish.

Here’s hoping you catch the lunker of your dreams. If I can be of assistance, please contact me at 214-683-9572 (days) or 972-635-6027 (evenings) or e-mail me through , where your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Good Fishing,