Terri Moon Lake Fork Crappie Report

April is going to be the month for some major spawning.  The fish have been staging and just waiting for the right water temerature to get right.  It has tried to get their a few times then those “MEAN OLD NORTHERNS” blow through and cool the surface temperatures down.  But, it shouldn’t take  but a few warm days to get it back to where it needs to be.  Then look out… “It’s gonna get good!”

I have to say the fish ‘quality’ this year has been unbelievable!  Probably some of the nicest crappie I’ve seen in a while!! I’m just really ready for the wind to take a break and have some of those light and variable days!  But right now we’re having 3 windy days to every nice day.  So, if you see a calm day is coming, get out there and enjoy it! 

We found a few fish shallow during the last full moon when water temperatures were around 63 – 64 degrees.  Then we had a 5″ rain with dropping temperatures and it backed the fish out deeper.  A few males hung around the shallows but the big fat females backed off to 20 ft.  So, at that time the bridges were your best bet.  We were catching them at 12 – 16ft in 20 – 24 ft. of water.  Bob Young’ s “Bad Shad” and “Grey Ghost” and Hotsy Totsie” have been really producing.  It’s a smaller jig that gives a slower presentation.  There’s nothing more fun catching them “on the fall!”

Now for the next move – as the water temperature warms, I’ll start targeting 8 to 16 ft along the shorelines and timber.  A “Bass Assassin” or “Stanley Wedgetail Minnow” will work good for this.

When the fish make their way to the backs of the coves, don’t overlook throwing very small crank baits around stumps and along the grass lines like a “chatterbait” or “Beetle Spin” or miniature “rattletrap”.   Reel these just fast enough to keep the bait off the bottom.  Also a slip bobber with a jig minnow should do the trick! 

Now for those of you who have a dock on Lake Fork, be sure and check for crappie at night running the shoreline.  They will be coming to an area near you soon!

Last but not least, there are still crappie down on the main lake points in 18 to 24  foot, also some really nice yellow bass.  Crappie Busters in chartreuse and blue or metallic blue with chartreuse and blue or metallic blue with chartreuse has worked and also “Joe Spaits” flash tail spoons.  Just bounce them off the bottom.

Be sure to stop by “Lake Fork Marina” You can stock up on ALL your crappie fishing needs! 

Great Fishing to You all!

Terri Moon



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