Lake Fork Trophy Bass Survey

Lake Fork Trophy Bass Survey

Trophy bass entries in the Lake Fork Trophy Bass Survey peaked for the
year at 191, but this represents less than half the average for March
(2003 – 2009). The contribution of weighed fish over 10 pounds along
with the percentage of measured fish over the slot are similar to
previous years so the size makeup of the trophies last month is on par
with what we have come to expect. March’s trophies included 2
ShareLunkers; Kenneth Shane’s 13.28 pounder and Bill Sweeten’s 14.43

We have noticed evidence of decling angler interest in the Trophy Bass
Survey over the last 6 months. Fishing pressure observed in creel
surveys from June through November 2008 was similar or slightly higher
than the same time period in 2007. Angler fishing pressure this
last winter (December 2008 – February 2009) was at about 75% of the
previous year’s level, which could also contribute to the reduced number
of trophy entries. We have experienced some pretty rough weather and
lots of wind during winter and on into the spring. These factors appear
to have combined to reduce angler entries.

So what can be done to reverse this trend? Promotion, promotion,
promotion! The more anglers know about the program, the more likely
they are to participate. We’d like to encourage you to let your
customers know about the program so we can keep the survey going. We
believe that anlgers are more likely to participate in the survey when
trophy bass ledgers are displayed in a prominent place such as next to a
cash register.

The Lake Fork Trophy Bass Survey is a unique program which has been
responsible for reporting over 9,800 fish over 7 pounds in a little over
6 years. The program provides great exposure for the lake and
participating businesses and TPWD. The survey has provided excellent
supplemental data that has provided invaluable insight into the
performance of the 16- 24 inch slot.


Kevin Storey
Inland Fisheries District 3B
Texas Parks & Wildlife Department
2122 Old Henderson Highway
Tyler, Texas 75702


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