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Weigh station, air bladder…ect

May 31, 2009

My after hours cell phone number 903-850-1514  My phone number has changed since the first of the year.

If you have a fish you need weighed (certified scales to 25lbs, working on getting IGFA certified for scales that exceed 200lbs) after hours feel free to call my cell phone number anytime.  I can print the paper work at the store and fill it out on site most of the time.

If you have a largemouth that has an inflated air bladder I can meet you at almost any ramp on the lake or open up the marina and keep the fish over night.

I’m in need of a new largemouth bass for a pet, if you catch a bass exceeding 10lbs in good shape (no one eyed fugly fish please) and would like to donate it for 6 months or so you are more than welcome to contact me.  I always return the bass to the lake within a year and add weight to them. 

I always get a few phone calls on my cellphone late at night… people asking if I have a certain bait in stock or asking about reservations.  I don’t have access to my reservation computer or know every bait I have in stock off hand.


New Lake Gilmer Record 10.03

May 31, 2009

Was in the shop late tonight and had a weird phone call about a possible new lake record, well that got my blood pumping…but it was from Lake Gilmer.  Still an awesome fish

Met the angler at 11pm and he pulled out a nice bass from his livewell, fish was 25 1/8″ long and 19 1/2″ in girth caught at 8:20pm.  Was caught by Tamatha Parish on her husband’s home made cedar lure.  10.03lbs, was very skinny but would have been a toad prespawn.  This fish tops the old record of 9.63lbs caught in 2006.  I do not think the fish will make it, it was barely alive and had a badly inflated air bladder and the gills were very pale.

10.03 Lake Gilmer Record

Lake Fork Guide James Caldemeyer Sharelunker Release

May 31, 2009

Here is a video of Lake Fork guide James Caldemeyer releasing his sharelunker back in Lake Fork

To learn more about the Texas Parks And Wildlife Sharelunker program please visit their site here

To book James for a guide trip on Lake Fork you can visit his site here.

Lake Fork Trophy Bass Survey April 2009

May 29, 2009

Trophy reports for April 2009 were 55% of what were received in April
2008 but still almost 13% of weighed fish were 10 pounds or bigger and
38% of measured fish were above the upper end of the slot.  Still that’s
better than the drop we saw in March; 43% of the level of 2008!  We have
noticed declines in the number of trophy reports for the past 8 months
or so but at the same time our angler creel surveys show consistent
catch rates of largemouth bass for the past 12 months compared with
previous years and fishing pressure is at the highest level observed in
the past 8 years; an estimated 1.128 million angler hours of which 87%
were directed at bass.  Despite the current financial crisis, total
directed expenditures have continued to increase to an estimated $15.3
million in the past 12 months!
We have had an unusual spring and there does seem to be evidence that
the spawn has been prolonged as a result of unseasonably low
temperatures and results of recent tournaments have shown unusually
high numbers of “over slots” for this time of year.
Since the Trophy Bass Survey is now over 6 years old, there is bound to
be less participation because the “new has worn off”.  We encourage you
to continue to promote this valuable survey because it provides helpful
supplemental information for our management of the fishery and it’s a
great source of good publicity for the lake.
In May, we are certain to reach a milestone in the survey, over 10,000
trophy bass reported since March 2003!  That in itself is good reason to

Kevin Storey


Trophy Bass Survey April 2009

Post spawn bite is ON, videos by Guide John Tanner 5-28-2009

May 29, 2009

John Tanner has been SMASHING the post spawn fish on a carolina rig  Here is a sample of the numbers he caught (I THINK he said 20 today) Watch these videos and he will give you the scoop

Clint Wright June 2009 Lake Fork Report

May 27, 2009
Lake Fork Day and Night Guide Service

Spring time is coming to a close and the hot days of summer are closing in quickly. This is one of my favorite times of year to be on Lake Fork. June will start great off shore structure fishing and night fishing for smart Lake Fork Bass.

Most anglers come to Lake Fork in search for bass over ten pounds. Therefore, my style of fishing and my reports will hopefully help you build a pattern to do just that.

In June, the large fish have completed their spawn and are in search for food to replenish energy burned during this process. Most of these big fish will be found in deeper water. I consider deeper water, 10 – 30 foot. This will be the depth range to fish day and night. They will be foraging on crawfish, bream, shad, barfish and crappie. So this gives an angler a variety of lure choices when going off shore. Before heading out on the water, try a little map study. Find and circle main lake points, humps, ledges and fast tapering banks. Once on the water go to these places and locate the ones that have grass very close by. Grass is a key ingredient in the whole process. I like to fish deep water with hydrilla and/or milfoil very close by. Add some timber, laydowns or brush piles to the mix and you will have a perfect spot.

I will be using a Custom Angle Moby Bass Rod 7 – 7’6 heavy action rod. My reels are spooled with 20 – 25 lb. Seaguar fluorocarbon or 50 – 65 lb. Power Pro braided line. My theory is why get hooked up with a fish of a lifetime, without the gear to get it in the boat. My first two lure choices for June are a Texas Rig with 5/0 hook and a jig. On the Texas Rig, try a Grande Bass Diamond Back Rattlesnake or a 10 inch worm. Rig a Grande Bass Machine or Mega Chunk on the back of the jig. I like to use a Jig in blk./blue and purple, watermelon red or green pumpkin.

A Carolina Rig with a four foot leader will catch a fair share of big fish for you in June as well. Use a strong 3/0 or 4/0 hook with a Grande Bass Rattlesnake or Mutant. You will have to experiment with soft plastic colors as it can change daily.

I do want to say that Lake Fork has a shallow water bite year around. Many days shallow water 1-10 foot; can provide an angler with more bites than deep water. These fish can be caught on wacky wormed Grande Bass Rattlesnake, topwater poppers, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits and other shallow water lures. I just know where the majority of my big fish come from and it is deeper water.

Night fishing on Lake Fork is very popular. I have a theory that many large Lake Fork fish only feed at night. Fish the same pattern at night as you would during the day. The only difference is that I like to fish a little closer to the edge of the grass.

Lake Fork Day and Night Guide Service uses several professional Lake Fork Guides to ensure your date is available for booking. Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions about Lake Fork or booking information at 903-342-3497. Or visit for more information.

Lake Fork Day and Night endorses the following sponsors: Custom Angle Rods, Costa Del Mar Sunglasses, Grande Bass Bait’s, and Sartin Marine.

Tight Lines,


Fishing Report

June 2009

Doug Shampine Lake Fork Report 5-26-2009

May 26, 2009

Bass fishing on Fork has been good.   Surface temperature is 73 main lake.  Lake is  a about 1 foot above normal. The bass are slowly moving to main lake points.  Try  a yellow magic and Zara Spook where you see shad working along the banks. Also a white spinner bait will do the trick. Carolina rig baby brush hog has been working on main lake points. Also a Texas rigged worm around wood is working in 4-7 ft of water on main lake points    Crappie are now starting to move back to deeper water so check out your favorite brush pile in 20 ft of water with minnows and jigs.  Give me a call if you want more information on a bass or crappie trip or book a trip!!  


Dough Shampine


DD22 still crankin them out

May 24, 2009

Guide Brian Duplechain landed a 26.5″ monster that pushed 12lb 3oz on a DD22. 

Fishing this morning was slow for the most part, the topwater and frog bite was off and a lot of the deep fish started suspending.  We had about half an inch of rain that we really didn’t need but the flood gates are still closed.

Video Report by Guide Lance Vick and Brooks Rogers

May 23, 2009

May 2009 Lake Fork Report by Guide John Tanner

May 23, 2009


 1. John Tanner 9 pounds caught  on a topwater
 2.W H with Martin Gas Co. with a 7 3/4 pound hog 
 3. Buff Mckever from shreveport with a 7 pounder
 4. Tommy Duke with a 7 pound 14 ounce beauty
 5. John Tanner with a 10 pound Hog

This week here on the great Lake Fork fishing has been crazy! You can catch them doing just about anything. Yesterday we caught them both shallow and deep. In the deep water we are catching them on Carolina rigged Berkley Fat Dover Crawlers and Wacky Crawlers also by Berkley. Good colors are green pumpkin and chartreuse with gold flake on the Crawler. On my All Star Carolina rig rod I spool my Abu Revo reel with 15 to 17 pound Berkley Trilene 100% flouro carbon line and use a ¾ ounce Tru Tungsten bullet weight. The best hook for the C- rig is the Mustad 2/0 or 3/0 wide gap hook. On the leader go with a length of about 4 foot. Besides catching them on a Carolina rig we are also catching them on a deep running crank bait like a DD-22. In the shallows you can catch them on a topwater like a yellow magic early in the day and then switch to the plastics for a while. Try a wacky worm out on the grass in front of the spawning beds once the sun gets up a little and the topwater bite slows down. Go with the Berkley Shaky Worm in watermelon red or green pumpkin with a dipped tail. Put a nail in the head of the worm to give it a little weight to get it down in the grass a little for best results. There are a ton of fish guarding fry as well . Go after them with any fluke type bait or a floating worm combo. We got in an area yesterday and caught fish sight fishing on a 3” white Berkley tube. Then, while we were sight fishing we saw some big ones cruising the blue gill beds and caught some of those cruisers on fluke type baits just throwing at them as they were following the blue gill around and then, noticed some big bass guarding fry and caught some of those as well on weightless worms. It was crazy! May is usually like that. There is always a lot of different things you can do to catch them here at Lake Fork this time of year. The deep bite will be getting better and better as the month rolls along too. But if the lake stays full and the weather stays cooler the shallow fishing should be good for a while yet. On the deep fish don’t forget about the football head jig. They are starting to bit it pretty good. I like to use the Talon football head jig tipped with a Berkley Twin tail grub. This a great bait and will catch the big ones on the deep stuff. Yea fishing has been pretty exciting the last few days and man I can’t wait to get in my Ranger Boat with my Yamaha engine and hit the lake again tomorrow. The first part of the month Tommy Duke fished with me and that day we pulled on a hump and caught 5 that went 38 pounds and some change. It was awesome and what can happen here at Lake Fork in May! Check out the photo section for a few pics. It is a great time of year! If you would like to book a guided trip here on Lake Fork this summer or fall give a call toll free at 1-800-865-2282 or drop us a line at Or for more booking info check us out at on the world wide web at Click on the trip info page for booking info and be sure to click on all of the pages of the photo section for a look at tons of happy folks holding there Lake Fork trophies. I look forward to talking with you and helping you plan your next fishing trip. For any of the products mentioned stop by Lake Fork Marina while you are here or you can shop on line at

Please pray for our troops and their families as they sacrifice every day for our freedom. Also please continue to pray for my Mom, Tom Brady Diane Garner as they are dealing with health issues. Your prayers are much appreciated and a blessing to those in need. Read Mark 8:35-37.