Legend of Lake Fork Tournament 13.11 Big Bass Day 1 leader

Heck of a fish…13.11.   Robert Rushing from Louisiana… Zoom Brush Hog



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13 Responses to “Legend of Lake Fork Tournament 13.11 Big Bass Day 1 leader”

  1. mike Says:

    Nice Fish

  2. Lee, Miranda & LeAnn Says:

    We couldn’t believe our eyes. What a HAWG!

  3. Miranda & LeAnn Says:

    Go Daddy!!!!

  4. sheila Says:

    Way to go Bubba!!!!!

  5. Steve S Says:

    Just amazing. I cannot imagine bringing that beauty in and winning a free boat. Well done!

  6. Miranda & LeAnn Says:

    Go Daddy!!!

  7. Miranda & LeAnn Says:

    Go Daddy!!

    • blake payne Says:

      tell your dad thanks for the baits line and reel. this is blake from the hotel

      • Miranda Says:

        yea sure thang .. hey i think i looked you up on myspace i’m not sure if it was you …were you holdin’ a bass on your profiel picture?

  8. Missed Out! Says:

    Wow! I really missed out. I was at Toledo Bend in an Oilman’s Tournament. I WILL BE ON FORK NEXT YEAR !!!

  9. blake payne Says:

    way to go. i got to hang out with the guy who caught it while we were at the hotel, great guy and deserves to win it. thanks for the baits, line and reel!

  10. Aunt Linda Says:

    Very Very Proud of you Kevin!!!! Your years of fishing and the love you have for fishing has really paid off. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving person.

  11. Jerry Says:

    Nice tournament lasy year. I did not make it today due to being so sick and wonder how it is going?

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