13.11 Legend of Lake Fork winning fish released 5-21-09

Fish was released today, 5-21-09 by Legend of Lake Fork Tournament operator Don Hampton. She was inspected by Texas Parks and Wildlife Sharelunker director David Campbell and had not been entered in the program before. She was scanned for a chip and released in perfect condition at the point of capture.  

That is a $50,000 fish!

Hope to see this girl on the end of my line sometime in the prespawn.  =)  26.75″ long, did not do a girth measurement but this fish has the frame to be easily into the 15lb realm with eggs.

Bruce Peels 13.13lb (sharelunker #459) was also released. Did not get a chance to weigh her on certified scales, but it was reported that she had gained considerable mass since her date of capture.

Nice to see these fish coming back to the lake healthy and fat and not end up in private aquariums of big ticket retailers.


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