Lake Fork Update May 20, 2009

Fork is on FIRE right now. After the Legend of Lake Fork tournament topped over 20 largemouth over the slot including a 13.11, one just shy of 11.5 and a 10 it is no doubt this is going to be a great May. (Fishing is a little behind from last year at the same time, water temps are 8-12 degrees lower…lake has more water and grass is more sparse)

Fish are everywhere right now, with a yellow magic you are almost guaranteed fish. Some guys are fishing frogs all day long in the pads…others c-rigging 20foot creek channels or trolling dd22’s.

Mornings have been very cool lately, but it hasn’t really caused the fish to lock up like they normally do. More fish on beds than you would imagine, but for the most part the spawn is played out.

Best sellers are:

The Big Joe Spoon- Pearl
DD22- 141 Smokey Joe
Zoom Super Fluke- Watermelon/Red or Watermelon/Black
Zoom Brush Hog- Watermelon/Black or Green pumpkin
Zoom Trick Worm- Watermelon/Red
Yellow Magic- Bone

I have never been one to plug a bait or website in any of my posts, but Lucky Craft launched a blog a while back that I have been reading. Very cool they are taking on new media and applying it to bass fishing, check it out: The Daily Crank


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