Lake Fork Trophy Bass Survey April 2009

Trophy reports for April 2009 were 55% of what were received in April
2008 but still almost 13% of weighed fish were 10 pounds or bigger and
38% of measured fish were above the upper end of the slot.  Still that’s
better than the drop we saw in March; 43% of the level of 2008!  We have
noticed declines in the number of trophy reports for the past 8 months
or so but at the same time our angler creel surveys show consistent
catch rates of largemouth bass for the past 12 months compared with
previous years and fishing pressure is at the highest level observed in
the past 8 years; an estimated 1.128 million angler hours of which 87%
were directed at bass.  Despite the current financial crisis, total
directed expenditures have continued to increase to an estimated $15.3
million in the past 12 months!
We have had an unusual spring and there does seem to be evidence that
the spawn has been prolonged as a result of unseasonably low
temperatures and results of recent tournaments have shown unusually
high numbers of “over slots” for this time of year.
Since the Trophy Bass Survey is now over 6 years old, there is bound to
be less participation because the “new has worn off”.  We encourage you
to continue to promote this valuable survey because it provides helpful
supplemental information for our management of the fishery and it’s a
great source of good publicity for the lake.
In May, we are certain to reach a milestone in the survey, over 10,000
trophy bass reported since March 2003!  That in itself is good reason to

Kevin Storey


Trophy Bass Survey April 2009


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